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Visit Nevis at Money20/20 in Amsterdam May 16, 2024 Systems Limited and Nevis Partner for Enhanced Security in Banking Sector Mar 28, 2024 Five Reasons for Companies to Rely on CIAM Mar 19, 2024 Nevis enters the channel business with Prianto as a new VAD Feb 19, 2024 The Future of CIAM - Five Key Trends in AI-Powered Authentication Dec 29, 2023 The Beginning of the End: How Stolen Data Ruins Lives Dec 28, 2023 Botnets in Focus: Five Tips for Robust Cyber Defence Dec 26, 2023 5 Myths About MFA Prompt Bombing: How Companies Can Protect Themselves Dec 20, 2023 Nevis Security and OEDIV SecuSys announce a strategic partnership Dec 15, 2023 Mobile Money in MEA: Transformation, Opportunities, and Challenges Dec 14, 2023 Cybersecurity in Focus: How Insurers Can Best Protect Their Customer Data Dec 13, 2023 Embedded Finance: Making Online Transactions Even Simpler Dec 4, 2023 Financial Advice in Transition Through AR, Security, Fraud Prevention Nov 27, 2023 How To Combat Credential Stuffing and ATO in iGaming Nov 6, 2023 The Evolution of Biometrics: From Fingerprints to Emotion Recognition Oct 31, 2023 WAVZ and Nevis announce Partnership Oct 24, 2023 It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Passwords and PINs Become Obsolete Oct 24, 2023 MITM Attacks Decoded: Protective Measures and Prevention Tips Oct 13, 2023 Biometric MFA – The Ace up Your Sleeve Regarding iGaming Security Oct 3, 2023 The Customer in Focus: Self-Sovereign Identity, Data Sovereignty, CIAM Sep 22, 2023 Nevis unveils its new partner programme at it-sa 2023 Sep 20, 2023 How To Employ MFA To Make Crypto Gambling Even More Secure Sep 13, 2023 How Self-Service Solutions Lead Insurance Companies to Success Sep 6, 2023 Biometric Data Security: Your Guide to Selling a Smartphone Safely Aug 31, 2023 Biometric Recognition: Advantages of AI for Authentication Processes Aug 21, 2023 Glossary: Delegated Authentication Aug 9, 2023 Customer Due Diligence: The Global Fight Against Financial Crime Aug 2, 2023 Wrong Connection: How Dangerous Are Public Wi-Fi Networks? Jul 27, 2023 The Key To Secure and Convenient Authentication Jul 21, 2023 More Effective Fraud Detection With Geo-Location And Geo-Velocity Jul 10, 2023 The Infinite Life of Your Password Jul 5, 2023 Seamless Security With Continuous Authentication Jun 27, 2023 Using CIAM To Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Jun 23, 2023 Tackling Globalized Gambling: Operator Compliance Strategies Jun 12, 2023 Zero Friction: The Future of Security Jun 1, 2023 A Scalable CIAM Solution That Grows With Your Business May 24, 2023 Authentication for Core Banking: Secure and Customer-Focussed May 16, 2023 Effective Protection Against Bot Attacks May 9, 2023 Product Customisation: The Advantages of Custom Branded Authentication May 2, 2023 CIAM and Core Banking: Personalised and Secure Banking Services Apr 27, 2023 Secure Access Management for Applications and APIs Apr 14, 2023 Seamless Access and Authentication Processes With Identity Federation Apr 6, 2023 Where Did UK-Operating Banks Stumble with AML & How Can They Improve? Apr 3, 2023 DORA: New IT Security Measures for the Financial and Insurance Sector Mar 21, 2023 Sectoral Identity Providers: Secure Solution for Health Insurers Mar 15, 2023 Everything You Need To Know About Adaptive Authentication Mar 13, 2023 Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection for the Banking Sector Mar 7, 2023 Identity Providers – An Overview of Their Roles and Functions Feb 24, 2023 Can Blockchain Technology Revolutionise Healthcare? Feb 22, 2023 Seamless Integration With the Help of SDKs Feb 13, 2023 Friendly Fraud in Gambling – Actually Not Friendly at All Jan 31, 2023 Can Blockchain Technology Revolutionise the Insurance Industry? Jan 24, 2023 How Secure Is an Identity Check Based on Social Login? Jan 11, 2023 Personal Customer Journey: But in Compliance With Data Protection Jan 3, 2023 Every Year Again: The Merry Christmas Ransomware Dec 19, 2022 Distributed Ledger Technology: A Chain That Unites Dec 15, 2022 Data Security Reimagined – revDSG Dec 6, 2022 SAML 2.0– Secure Login Standard for Single Sign-On Nov 29, 2022 LockBit Black – The Worst of the Worst Among Ransomware Nov 25, 2022 Nothing but Benefits From a 360-Degree Customer Perspective Nov 22, 2022 The GDPR and The Blockchain Technology – A Contradiction? Nov 15, 2022 EPIc Success or EPIc Fail? The European Payments Initiative Nov 8, 2022 BYOI and SSO For a Smooth Digital Login on Websites Nov 3, 2022 One, Two…PSD3: What the Payment Services Market Can Expect Oct 25, 2022 Erbium – A New Malware – Dangerous Game, Spreads Fast Oct 21, 2022 The Hidden Danger of Mobile Banking: Remote Access Trojans Oct 17, 2022 Permission Marketing – Not Just for Electronic Health Records Oct 11, 2022 Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Fraud Through Cryptocurrency Oct 4, 2022 Which Digital Wallet Is Best for Storing Cryptocurrencies Sep 30, 2022 Selfie Apps and Filters – A Real Threat to Your Online Safety? Sep 20, 2022 Blockchain: Tamper-Proof, Direct and Efficient Sep 13, 2022 How Identity Orchestration Makes Human-Centric Identity Fly Sep 6, 2022 Watch Out for Keyloggers – The Spies in Your Keyboard! Aug 30, 2022 How To Delete Inquisitive Apps and Unused Data From Your Smartphone Aug 26, 2022 SCA: Better Safe Than Sorry or Too Much of a Good Thing? Aug 18, 2022 Paying by Credit Card Abroad – What Do I Need To Be Aware Of? Aug 16, 2022 Personal Data Under Attack: Raccoon Stealer Is Back! Aug 12, 2022 FIDO – Passwordless Authentication with Privacy Priority Aug 9, 2022 Internet of Medical Things – The Future of Healthcare Aug 4, 2022 From Bartering to Cryptocurrencies: The History of Money Jul 26, 2022 FIDO: 10 Years of the Industry Standard for Passwordless Login Jul 19, 2022 How To Protect Children’s and Young People’s Data? Tips for Parents Jul 12, 2022 The Future Without Passwords With FIDO-Compliant Passkeys Jul 8, 2022 Watch Out! Emotet Is Stealing Credit Card Data From Chrome Users Jul 5, 2022 Is Our Own Smartphone Eavesdropping on Us? Jun 28, 2022 Users’ Top Login Methods – What Customers Prefer Jun 22, 2022 From Banking Trojan to an All-Purpose Weapon: Emotet Jun 14, 2022 Some Reasons Why AutoIdent Beats VideoIdent Jun 7, 2022 The Economic Advantages of Passwordless Authentication Jun 1, 2022 The eIDAS Regulation Is Digitalising the European Internal Market May 24, 2022 Putting Zero Trust Into Practice May 17, 2022 Online Platforms Set To Be Reined In by New Digital Services Act May 13, 2022 Why Are Penetration Tests Important? May 9, 2022 Honeypot Deployment – How To Lure Hackers Into a Trap May 5, 2022 How Secure Is eID in Practice? May 2, 2022 How Much Does Resetting Passwords Cost Your Company? Apr 28, 2022 Everything You Need To Know About KYC Apr 25, 2022 What’s the State of Play With the eID in the DACH Region? Apr 21, 2022 Cyber Attacks – The Big Reputation Risk for Companies Apr 19, 2022 Basic Principles of the Zero Trust Strategy Apr 14, 2022 Self-Sovereign Identity: Managing Your Own Identity Securely Apr 11, 2022 Whistle While You Scam: Journey Into the History of Phreaking Apr 8, 2022 Social Engineering – Hazardous Psychological Manipulation on the Web Apr 5, 2022 When Is It Worth Taking Out Personal Insurance Against Cyberattacks? Mar 31, 2022 More Frequent Cyberattacks on SMEs. Tips on How To Resist Them. Mar 29, 2022 Online Banking: How Secure Are TAN Procedures? Mar 24, 2022 Identity Theft on Social Media: The New Everyday Occurrence Mar 22, 2022 ‘Ken Sent Me’ – A Brief History of Password Hacking Mar 18, 2022 How Often Do Users Purchase a New Mobile Phone? Mar 15, 2022 Email Scam Tactic: How To Spot CEO Fraud Mar 10, 2022 Incorporating Hacker Defence Into Training Programmes. Useful? Mar 7, 2022 Self-Sovereign Identity: The Foundation of the Digital Wallet Mar 3, 2022 Not All 2FA Experiences Are Equal. Make Sure You Choose the Safest! Feb 28, 2022 These Are the Hidden Use Cases of the New Smart eID Feb 24, 2022 Smart eID: Turning a Mobile Phone Into an Identity Card Feb 21, 2022 The Risks of Sticking With Password-Protected Authentication Feb 17, 2022 Online Banking: What Users Really Care About in Terms of Security Feb 14, 2022 Glossary: Self-Service Reset Password Manager (SSRPM) Feb 10, 2022 Safer Internet Day: Tips for Increasing Online Safety Feb 8, 2022 What Is Credential Stuffing? How Can Companies Protect Themselves? Feb 7, 2022 Friendly Hackers – How Ethical Hackers Benefit Companies Feb 4, 2022 Password Security Fail: Are We Unteachable? Feb 1, 2022 ID Verification and Identity Protection Jan 31, 2022 The Never-Ending Evolution of Data Protection and Data Autonomy Jan 28, 2022 Open Banking: The Secure Future of Finance Jan 24, 2022 Glossary: Identity Spoofing Jan 19, 2022 How Secure Is Two-Factor Authentication? Jan 13, 2022 5 Good Resolutions for IT Security in 2022 Jan 11, 2022 The Evolution of Security With FIDO Protocols Jan 6, 2022 Insurance Companies: What Customers Expect in Terms of Security Jan 3, 2022 9 Brilliant Christmas Hacks Dec 20, 2021 These Are the Top 7 Cybersecurity Breaches in 2021 Dec 16, 2021 What Is Consent and Privacy Management and Why You Need It Dec 13, 2021 Five Things That Digital Customers Expect From Their Bank Dec 9, 2021 How Online Casinos Are Winning the Big Data Game Dec 6, 2021 Five Tips for Building Customer Confidence in Online Shopping Dec 2, 2021 Glossary: Multi-Factor Authentication Nov 29, 2021 Ten Steps To Improve Security Awareness Nov 26, 2021 Credential Stuffing in Full Swing During Black Friday & Cyber Monday Nov 25, 2021 Online Gambling: The Professional Approach to Fraud Prevention Nov 22, 2021 How To Choose the Right CIAM Solution Nov 18, 2021 Influencers To Watch in 2022: Top 8 Cybersecurity Experts Nov 15, 2021 Optimising the Customer Journey With CIAM Nov 11, 2021 Indecisive? Missing the Digitalization Means Missing the Boat Nov 8, 2021 5 Fundamental Security Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them Nov 5, 2021 Companies Hesitant About Open Communication After Cyberattacks Nov 1, 2021 Tracking Down the Truth About Login Myths Oct 28, 2021 What You Didn’t Know About Passwordless Authentication Oct 25, 2021 The Employee Risk Factor: Underestimated Danger of Ransomware Attacks Oct 21, 2021 Definitely a Good Customer Experience 4.0 Oct 14, 2021 Insurance Companies: Passwordless Account Access With CIAM Oct 11, 2021 Identification, Authentication, Authorisation. Simply Explained. Oct 8, 2021 Passwords: The No. 1 Risk Factor in Companies Oct 7, 2021 IT Experts: Lack of Security Awareness Despite High Expertise? Oct 4, 2021 How Do I Know I’ve Been Hacked? Take the Self-Test Now Sep 30, 2021 IT Buzzwords: From IAM and CIAM to PAM Sep 27, 2021 Data Security Is Not Something To Be Played Around With Sep 20, 2021 B2B Websites: How To Combine Security and User-Friendliness Sep 16, 2021 The Top Three Reasons for the Authentication Cloud Sep 13, 2021 Passwords as a Security Factor – MFA As Optimal Protection Sep 9, 2021 Password Problems: Digital Natives More Careless Than Silver Surfers Sep 6, 2021 Roulette & Black Jack – Playing Safely Due to Reliable Authentication Aug 30, 2021 Glossary: Identity and Access Management Aug 27, 2021 A Partnership for Authentication in the Healthcare System Aug 25, 2021 Identity and Access Management in Mechanical and Plant Engineering Aug 19, 2021 Easy Login With CIAM and Multi-Factor Authentication Aug 16, 2021 Easy and Secure Access to Financial Websites Aug 13, 2021 Authentication: On-Premises or Cloud? Aug 10, 2021 71 per Cent of Germans Mistrust the Security of Face ID Aug 5, 2021 Two-Factor Authentication and the Battle Against 123456 Aug 3, 2021 Freedom of Anonymity on the Internet Jul 28, 2021 Supply Chain Attacks – What’s Behind All This? Jul 27, 2021 Omnichannel: Combine the Optimum CX With Maximum Security Jul 23, 2021 Social Engineering: Who’s Afraid of Robin Sage Jul 15, 2021 How Does FIDO Make Our Online Lives Easier and Safer? Jul 8, 2021 Gone Are the Days of Frustrating Logins When Shopping Online Jun 30, 2021 Social Commerce in Trend: Protecting Digital Identities Using 2FA Jun 28, 2021 The Digital Vaccination Card – Increased Security With IAM Jun 24, 2021 Is the Healthcare Sector Allowing Digitalisation To Pass It By? Jun 14, 2021 Mega-Breaches of 2020: Delayed Reactions on Stolen Digital Identities Jun 9, 2021 How Critical Is an Easy Login Process? May 26, 2021 How Secure Is Fingerprint Scanning (TouchID) on Your Smartphone May 20, 2021 What is Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)? How Is It Changing Data Privacy? May 12, 2021 What Are the Characteristics of Biometric Authentication? May 6, 2021 How Can User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) Combat Cyber Risks? Apr 23, 2021 How To Protect Your Networks and Data From Golden Ticket Attacks Apr 20, 2021 E-Voting – Overview of Hurdles, Facts and Security Standards Apr 8, 2021 Let the Digital Easter Egg Hunt Begin! Apr 1, 2021 Electronic Health Record (EHR) - The Future in Health Care? Mar 29, 2021 E-Commerce and the Frustration With Logins Mar 15, 2021 How To Ensure the Safe Transfer of Money Online Feb 22, 2021 How Do I Effectively Protect Myself From Man-in-the-Middle Attacks? Feb 19, 2021 Interesting Facts About Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Sign-On Feb 15, 2021 How the Nevis Authentication Cloud Protects Teenagers on the Internet Jan 27, 2021 E-Commerce and Online Retail As Winners of the Corona Pandemic Jan 18, 2021 How Safe Is Face ID? Jan 5, 2021 Digital Customer Experience Trends 2021 Dec 18, 2020 Digital Customer Experience by Mobile First and Deep Linking Dec 16, 2020 IAM Combines Personalised Customer Experience and Privacy Oct 25, 2020 Digital Identity Verification as a Competitive Edge Oct 25, 2020 Why You Should Rely on Passwordless Authentication Oct 25, 2020 What Is Single Sign-On and Why Do I Need It? Oct 25, 2020 With CIAM to Trusting and Profitable Business Relationships Oct 25, 2020 What Is a Digital Identity? Oct 25, 2020 How Does Identity Management (IDM) Work? Oct 25, 2020 Two-Factor Authentication vs. Multi-Factor Authentication Oct 25, 2020 What Is the Difference Between Data Security and Data Privacy? Oct 25, 2020 How To Use Identity and Access Management Systems Efficiently Oct 23, 2020

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