Optimised Customer Experience and Improved Data Protection on Insurance Portals

Secure Authentication for Insurance Providers

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Increased privacy and guaranteed compliance

Protect your customers’ sensitive data and keep your company safe from reputational damage, fines and sanctions. Compliance with the regulations on the processing of personal data and the protection of personal rights. Such as the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the Insurance Supervision Act (VAG) and the Insurance Mediation and Consultancy Ordinance (VersVermV) as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Streamline processes

You no longer need to worry about tedious procedures for recording and verifying your customers – simply automate your registrations, logins and self-service instead.

Optimise the customer experience

Increase the trust and loyalty of your customers by eliminating complex processes, guaranteeing security and making products more quickly available.

Digitalisation in the Insurance Industry Calls for New Protective Measures

Competition is also increasing in the insurance industry. Insurers that fail to bring new offerings to market quickly enough will be side-lined. That’s because the competition never sleeps. Most insurance customers already manage their business online – an area in which many traditional insurers still feel unsure. This increases the requirements for the customer journey in online business. After all, customers expect the same convenience in their dealings with insurance companies that they enjoy on their private communication channels.

How can insurers make intelligent use of digitalisation? How can they reduce costs, increase revenues while also strengthening customer loyalty?

The Most Significant Challenges for Insurance Service Providers

  • The spectre of data breaches
    The sensitive information processed by insurance companies is of particular interest to cybercriminals and is easily stolen if not properly protected. A data breach would have catastrophic consequences not just for the customers affected but also for the company: it would cause irreparable loss of trust and enormous reputational damage and would discourage many customers from using the digital offerings.
  • Technically challenging portals
    Insurance portals are a challenge for developers: they must accommodate the demands of different groups – private customers, business customers, brokers and insurance consultants, but also business partners and internal employees – within a uniform security infrastructure. At the same time, insurance companies themselves have very specific security requirements of their own. In addition to customer data, for instance, online price calculators must be protected against industrial espionage.

Nevis – Your Partner for Security and Compliance

Nevis offers you the solution: Your customers receive passwordless and secure access to their accounts so they can manage all their insurance affairs in seconds – with total convenience and security.

Know your customer

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Secure authentication processes throughout the customer journey maximise the security aspect.

GDPR compliance

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Under the terms of the GDPR, insurance providers are under an obligation to demonstrably protect personal customer data across all systems used to collect, store and further process this data. The insurance company must provide evidence of this protection. However, despite the existence of regulations and an awareness of these, many insurers fail to meet the requirements pertaining to IT security and controlled personal checks (identity and age checks).


Nevis has been protecting digital portals
for 20 years.

What the Digital Policyholder Expects

Guaranteed security of personal data

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Insurance companies are supposed to make their customers feel safe. This also applies to sensitive personal data. Studies have shown that integrity, confidentiality and the protection of data are absolute priorities for policyholders.

Passwordless login

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Eliminating passwords means minimising risks. The users of insurance portals want secure and convenient logins free of problems and security concerns.

Extensive online service and offering

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Whereas physical files containing customer data previously accumulated by the metre and consultations were mostly conducted in person, by telephone or by post, most customers today want to take out insurance policies directly online. This applies in particular to products that require less consultation such as travel cancellation insurance, vehicle insurance or legal expenses insurance.

A seamless customer experience

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An optimised customer experience must be guaranteed wherever and whenever your customers access digital services. This builds trust and reliability. The focus must be on user-friendliness and different customer needs must be met.

Flexibility and easy access to new market offerings

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Guarantee rapid access to revisions, updates and offer overviews in the online sales channel.

«Use the automated security infrastructure from Nevis, reduce the time to market for digital offerings and strengthen your customer’s loyalty.»


Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have aligned their organisation with personalised digital user and customer experiences. Nevis helps you offer an exceptional customer experience that is more focused on people and appeals to them with relevant content.

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How Nevis Supports Insurance Companies

A better customer experience despite increased security

With Nevis, insurers receive an agile security infrastructure and can accelerate the expansion of their digital offering. This makes it possible, for example, to submit invoices conveniently and securely via smartphone. Alternatively, customers can be rewarded with bonus points for behaviour that minimises risk. These are just two examples of how insurers can make smart use of new possibilities to improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Easy access to digital offerings is guaranteed:

  • Logging into the insurance portal in seconds – easy and quick using a fingerprint or FaceID 
  • Convenient logins on desktop PCs and mobile devices 
  • Can be used anywhere and at any time
  • Everything is just a few clicks away
Consistent use of the online channel

Highly professional customer identity and access management from Nevis enables consistent use of the online channel. This allows insurers to profit severalfold from competitive advantages:

  • Online handling of standardised processes cuts costs (e.g. purchasing insurance, reporting claims)
  • Customers have a better overview of their insurance portfolio and are more satisfied as a result
  • This opens up an additional sale sales channel that can be scaled and deployed flexibly
  • Cooperation with sales partners such as insurance brokers is more efficient
  • Delegated administration for business customers increases customer loyalty and streamlines internal processes
Automating the insurance portal solution

Thanks to Nevis, insurance companies can incorporate the new services quickly, operate them efficiently and streamline the processes – while also complying with all governance regulations.

The Nevis architecture offers solution modules for all aspects of a modern insurance portal:

  • Efficient management of customer accounts thanks to comprehensive self-service with the option of social logins (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Support for multiple authentication tools and authentication strengths, including passwordless authentication
  • Supports for browser-based as well as app-based login processes
  • Incorporation of insurance brokers by means of identity federation (e.g. IG B2B in Switzerland, EasyLogin in Germany)
  • Delegated identity administration for business customers
  • Adaptive protection mechanisms for applications and price calculators