Four of the five biggest Swiss banks place their trust in Nevis

Secure Authentication for Banks and the Financial Sector

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Maximise your security

Say goodbye to insecure authentication methods. Use passwordless logins instead. Rely on automatic compliance with standards such as PSD2, FIDO, eIDAS and GDPR.

Reduce your costs

Eliminate unnecessary costs for additional hardware, SMS and helpdesk support with passwordless logins.

Optimise the customer experience

Increase the trust and loyalty of your customers by digitalising your customer onboarding and online banking services – and do away with cumbersome processes for recovering passwords.

Banks View the Digital Transformation as an Opportunity

Banks and financial services are currently working hard to implement the digital transformation in their industry. With services such as internet banking, mobile banking and share trading using web and mobile applications, financial institutions are enabling their customers to use banking services anywhere at any time.

The Most Significant Challenges for Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Strict regulation
    The financial sector is certainly one of the most strictly regulated sectors. Banks use the latest technology to offer specialised financial services. They deploy user-friendly apps that can be used anywhere at any time. The challenge: only those companies that protect customers’ personal data in line with privacy requirements can profit from the competitive edge that digitalisation provides.
  • Banking in a changing world
    The days when the customer experience was largely created directly at the bank counter are gradually disappearing. Open banking and APIs are playing an increasingly important role – driven by increased customer demands, faster technologies and continued network growth. These days, customers expect the convenience of online transactions and online banking. These processes require sophisticated privacy concepts. In this context, banks must strike a successful balance between guaranteeing the security of customer data while at the same time prioritising user-friendliness and the customer. In our experience, the widely used 2FA or MFA solutions (in conjunction with PIN-TAN procedures) often fail to meet these requirements. Cybercriminals use phishing, pharming or trojans to gain access to sensitive customer data.

Nevis – Your Partner for Security and Compliance

Nevis offers you the optimum solution: Your customers get passwordless and secure access to their accounts so they can manage all their financial affairs in seconds. User-friendly and completely secure.

Guaranteed compliance with the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

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The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requires the use of two-factor authentication (2FA) for online banking and card payments. This increases the requirements for the customer journey in online business. After all, customers expect the same convenience in their dealings with financial institutions that they enjoy on their other online activities. However, banks that neglect the factor of security risk permanently damaging their reputation and losing customers to other financial service providers.


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Nevis security solutions are FIDO-certified. The FIDO standards provide much greater authentication security for users logging into an online user account – by requiring the login to be performed using public and private keys that are beyond the reach of cybercriminals. Instead of insecure passwords, biometric factors such as a fingerprint can be used for secure authentication.


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Under the terms of the GDPR, banks and the financial sector are required to demonstrably protect personal customer data across all systems used to collect, store and further process this data. The burden of proof of this rests with the respective financial company. Despite this regulation, many financial institutions do not meet the requirements pertaining to IT security and controlled personal checks (identity and age checks).


Nevis has been protecting digital portals for 20 years.

What Your Customers Expect From Digital Services

Simple logins and maximum security by SCA

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Customers have very clear expectations in the financial sector: Personal data, account data and transactions must be protected by the strictest security standards. Login processes and operating functions should be user-friendly and smart.

Passwordless login

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People are no longer willing to remember and type in complicated passwords. Login processes and operating functions should offer maximum user convenience. Customers demand passwordless website logins – both on desktop as well as mobile browsers.

Access to services – always and everywhere

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These days, customers have become used to using their mobile devices to complete their day-to-day banking transactions. When doing so, they expect simple and straightforward access to their financial data. Mobile apps must also guarantee a seamless online banking experience.

Excelling customer experience

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Digital services must guarantee an optimum customer experience anywhere at any time. This builds trust and customer loyalty. User-friendliness must be the focus throughout and must cover the entire range of different customer needs.

Intuitive points of contact

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Conventional authentication methods are often inconvenient and expensive. In most cases, they no longer offer effective protection for sensitive data. It is imperative to combine maximum security with optimum user convenience. Even if the intuitive customer journey is interrupted at just one point, this will lead to a negative customer experience.


Nevis Solutions for Secure Core Banking

Discover the importance of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and multi-layered, state-of-the-art authentication methods for Temenos core banking solutions.

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«The combination of biometric identification and strong cryptography based on the FIDO standard makes user authentication simple and secure.»


Strong Solution for Strong Partners

As part of the security infrastructure for banking customers, Nevis also supports Quilvest (Schweiz) AG in the area of authentication. Read the customer report to learn how the customers of this respected finance company profit from this.

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Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies and banks have oriented their organisation towards personalised digital user and customer experiences. Nevis helps you offer an exceptional customer experience that is more focused on people and appeals to them with relevant content.

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How Nevis Supports Banks and the Financial Sector

A user-friendly and secure online portal

Nevis is the beating heart of the security infrastructure of a finance portal. The Nevis architecture offers building blocks for all aspects of a modern e-banking solution:

  • Efficient management of customer accounts thanks to comprehensive self-service options
  • Nevis ensures that a login process, access to an application or a business process can be assigned to one specific person
  • Nevis provides flexible support for multiple authentication tools and authentication strengths
  • The combination of biometric identification and strong cryptography based on the FIDO standard allows simple and secure authentication for the user
  • The best possible security infrastructure is provided quickly and automatically
Streamlined digital access

Customers enjoy passwordless and secure access to their account and make more use of the services on offer:

  • They can log into the finance portal in seconds
  • They can easily retrieve account balances
  • They make secure payments or transactions
  • They confirm online credit card purchases with fingerprint or FaceID instead of the 3D Secure password previously used
Set yourself apart with digital security

Nevis supports both browser-based as well as app-based login processes. As a result, customers experience the same convenience with maximum security on all devices. How companies profit from Nevis: The additional services can be incorporated quickly, operated efficiently and streamline the processes – they also comply with all governance regulations. This significantly reduces the time to market for digital offerings.

  • With Nevis, financial institutions receive an agile security infrastructure and can accelerate the expansion of their digital offerings
  • Following one-time activation, a fingerprint is all that’s required for the customer to log in securely
  • The account can be used securely without a password anywhere at any time

Mastering the digital transformation:
How CIAM supports banks in the MEA region

financial institutions are increasingly turning to Customer Access and Identity Management (CIAM) solutions in combination with core banking software. In this white paper you will learn about the advantages of CIAM and core banking.

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