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Stay competitive with Strong Authentication

The iGaming industry is highly competitive with many providers vying for customers. As a provider, you need to be able to stand out from the competition and offer unique personalised offers and benefits to your players. Secure login and authentication processes increase customer loyalty.

Compliance with local legislation by CIAM

iGaming operators are subject to local laws and regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations is tantamount to heavy fines and loss of business due to licence revocation.

Build Trust Through Fraud Prevention

Demonstrate your commitment to security and gain the trust of your players. Prevent account takeovers and fraudulent activity and protect yourself and your player from financial loss.

Don't Gamble with Your Customers' Security and Customer Experience

CIAM solutions can assist iGaming and Sports Betting companies to increase security, player experience, compliance, marketability and scalability, making them an important tool for success in these industries.

The Key Challenges for iGaming Providers

Regulatory Compliance

In all countries, iGaming operators must comply with responsible gaming, player protection and anti-money laundering regulations. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in a fine and licence revocation.

Here are some selected examples:

United Kingdom

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The UK Gambling Commission is the UK's main regulator for the iGaming industry. It issues licences to operators and enforces regulations on player protection, responsible gambling and anti-money laundering (AML). Some of the key regulations in the UK are:

  • The Gambling Act 2005
  • The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
  • The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Payer Information) Regulations 2017.


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In Germany, the State Treaty on Gambling represents the most important regulation for the iGaming industry. This treaty aims to protect consumers and prevent problem gambling. Some of the most important regulations in Germany are:

  • The State Treaty on Gambling (Glücksspielstaatsvertrag).
  • The Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors (Youth Protection Act).


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In Switzerland, the Federal Gaming Commission is responsible for the supervision of the gambling industry. The principal regulations include:

  • The Federal Act on Games of Chance and Casinos.
  • The Money Laundering Act (GwG).


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The Federal Ministry of Finance regulates the gambling industry (iGaming) in Austria. The main regulations include:

  • The Austrian Gaming Act (Glücksspielgesetz).
  • The Anti-Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschegesetz)

Fraud as a Threat

One of the biggest threats to the cybersecurity of iGaming operators is hacking. Fraud is a serious problem in the iGaming industry. Attacks to take over accounts are a complex challenge and providers need to ensure that they take measures to prevent and combat fraud and do not allow hackers illegal access to a real user profile to carry out payments or identity fraud.

Nevis - Your Partner for Strong Authentication and Compliance

Simplify and secure direct access to your digital offerings and applications. The Nevis Identity Suite architecture is at the heart of many organisations' portal security infrastructure, providing scalable building blocks for all aspects of a modern solution.

Guaranteed ePrivacy compliance with strong authentication

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In iGaming, ePrivacy regulations and strong authentication measures complement each other to provide a secure and privacy-compliant user experience.

The ePrivacy regulations require iGaming operators to implement appropriate security measures to protect user data, including strong authentication methods such as two-factor authentication (2FA) or biometric authentication (ID verification). By requiring users to provide two forms of identification, strong authentication and using the additional layer of security significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access to a user account. 

Nevis is FIDO certified and DSGVO compliant, helping to meet all regulatory requirements.

Security against fraud and hacker attacks

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iGaming operators are exposed to various types of attacks as they store sensitive data of their customers and conduct monetary transactions. Nevis protects the platform from a range of attacks including ATO, scraping, phishing, social engineering and denial of service attacks. Nevis enables leading anomaly detection technologies to be united on one platform and delivered as a central service to all applications.

Excellent customer experience and facilitated account management

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Through multi-factor authentication, Nevis enables gaming operators to increase customer loyalty by providing a seamless and personalised customer experience and enabling maximum user convenience. Through biometric authentication methods such as facial recognition or fingerprint, customers can easily and securely log into their accounts to access games, betting and other services - while providers can cater to customers' individual needs and preferences to create a personalised experience.

Scalability of the Nevis Customer Identity and Access Management solution

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As iGaming and sports betting companies expand, they rely on managing a large and growing user base. Nevis CIAM solutions are designed to be scalable so that companies can easily manage a high number of players and adapt to changing economic conditions with ease.

Fight friendly fraud and chargeback fraud/liar buyer fraud

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In Friendly Fraud, the customer may have made a legitimate purchase or placed a bet, but later disputes the debit on the grounds that they did not receive the goods or services or that the debit was unauthorised. This can be difficult for iGaming operators to detect and prevent, as the customer may have no malicious intent.

In chargeback fraud or fraudulent purchaser fraud, the customer intentionally makes a purchase or bet with the intention of later disputing the settlement and receiving a refund. This type of fraud is often more difficult to detect and prevent because the customer may have legitimate-looking information and credentials that make it appear that the transaction was legitimate.

To combat this type of fraud, iGaming operators have a number of options, including the following

  • Using strong authentication measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and ID verification through biometric verification to ensure that only authorised users can access accounts and conduct transactions.
  • Use fraud detection and prevention tools and transaction confirmations to identify suspicious transactions and flag them for further review.
  • Monitoring and analysing user behaviour through Behaviour User Analytics to identify fraud patterns or suspicious activity.

Nevis – For a Safe and Frictionless Gaming Experience

Discover the game-changing synergy between Nevis’ impressive passwordless authentication technology and Playtech’s dynamic iGaming innovations.

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What the Digital Player Expects

Highest Security

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The digital player expects robust security features such as multi-factor authentication, password management and encryption to protect personal and financial data from cyber threats. This builds customer confidence and reduces the risk of data breaches.

Personalised Offers

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Players expect valuable offers and direct interaction. By capturing customer data, personalised marketing messages and offers can be used. This increases engagement and conversion rates. Consequently, sales figures as well.

Quick and easy login

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Players expect to be able to log into their accounts quickly and easily using their preferred authentication method. Fast biometric logins are preferred, which do not require a password and often do not even require the entry of additional usernames.

Convenient and flexible mobile options with SSO

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Users expect a range of convenient and flexible authentication options, such as using their mobile devices or authenticating via their social media accounts using Single Sign-On and Social Login.

«The combination of biometric identification and strong cryptography based on the FIDO standard makes user authentication simple and secure.»


Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have aligned their organisation with personalised digital user and customer experiences. Nevis helps you offer an exceptional customer experience that is more focused on people and appeals to them with relevant content.

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How Nevis Supports iGaming Providers

Simplified digital access

Customers get passwordless and secure access to their player account and increasingly use these offered services:

  • Log on to the portal within seconds.
  • Comfortable, cross-platform access to the player account.
  • Sensitive transactions like money transfers can be further secured with a separate confirmation.
Efficiency with online portal

Nevis provides all the building blocks for all aspects of a modern online casino or online betting experience:

  • Support of various authentication methods and levels
  • Secure user authentication thanks to a combination of biometric identification and stronger cryptography based on FIDO standards
  • The best-possible security infrastructure is automated and quickly available
Take off with digital security

Both browser-based and app-based login processes are supported. This gives customers the same level of comfort with maximum security on every type of end device.

  • Following a successful registration, the touch of a fingerprint is all a player needs for a secure login
  • Passwordless and secure access to accounts is available all day and from everywhere
  • No running SMS transaction fees