The Nevis
Identity Suite.

The on-premise solution for an uncompromisingly secure customer identity and access management.

The Nevis
Authentication Cloud.

The comprehensive cloud solution for secure and convenient customer identity and access management.


CIAM - for an optimal, secure customer journey

With Nevis, data security and compliance and the customer experience come together in a compelling way.

Passwordless digital account security pays off

Reduce ongoing costs and avoid additional password reset fees and helpdesk calls.

Protect yourself actively against cyber attacks

Increasing security risks and the need to comply with data protection regulations require the expertise of experts.

Customer Identity and Access Management

Whether as a proven on-premise model or as an innovative SaaS cloud solution – Nevis excels at bringing data security and customer experience together.


Added Security for the Optimum Customer Journey

When customers interact with companies and brands online, two aspects are particularly important to them: the user experience and security. The digital transformation presents challenges as well as new possibilities in this regard. With comprehensive customer identity and access management (CIAM) and smart tools from Nevis, you can offer your customers exceptional identity experiences while also guaranteeing optimum security, privacy and compliance.

Turn security into an experience – with products and solutions from Nevis.

What Customers Want and Need

Digitalisation is changing customer behaviour and expectations. The connected customer of the modern era demands personal services and a complete customer experience. As a result, companies are more reliant than ever before on their ability to access complete and secured information about their customers.

The connected customer in the centre is how it works:


front-circle-icon-1aA customer-oriented focus on creating bespoke yet consistent experiences is the key. Offerings must be hyper-personalised, relevant and appropriate.


front-circle-icon-1aA genuine omni-channel with a single identity is a must. Consumers expect a seamless experience, regardless of the channel. They also expect simple profile and preference management functions with the ability to view their history across all channels.


front-circle-icon-1aConsumers expect a consistent customer experience across their brands and the partner ecosystem.


front-circle-icon-1aToday’s consumers communicate actively via social media to exchange information and receive peer-to-peer validation.


front-circle-icon-1aThe connection of mobile devices, smart devices, wearables, IoT and self-driving vehicles is of decisive importance.

Identity Suite – Customer Identity and Access Management for Your Company

When customers access data, they should do so with maximum ease and security. These two seemingly contradictory aspects are combined in the Identity Suite from Nevis. The on-premise solution makes customer identity and access management (CIAM) a secure and customer-friendly experience.

Authentication Cloud – Quick, Simple, User-Friendly and Secure

The future is passwordless, convenient and secure: With the Authentication Cloud from Nevis, you can offer your customers maximum security in a heartbeat and a seamless user experience – completely free of passwords and costly SMS dispatch. This not only ensures simpler workflows, but also more satisfied customers.