Passwordless Access to the
E-Health Dossier

CIAM for Health Insurers and the Health Care System

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Operate in compliance with regulations – automatically

Protect your customers’ data when you collect, store and process it in all systems used and avoid costly sanctions.

Streamline digital access

Nevis ensures that a login process, access to an application or a business process can be assigned to the authorised expert group.

Guarantee the security of customer data

Nevis guarantees a robust identity and access management infrastructure that protects against third-party access and safeguards the security of sensitive data.

Digital Integrated Medicine as a Future Requirement in Healthcare and Life Sciences

E-health providers are aware of their duty to protect compassionate patient data. At the same time, healthcare is under pressure to optimise efficiency. Service providers such as general practitioners and consultants, hospitals, radiology institutions and laboratories, but also health insurance providers and public authorities collaborate with the help of an efficiently digitalised process chain. Since susceptible information is transmitted, a robust infrastructure is a prerequisite for participation in integrated healthcare delivery. This is the only way to guarantee secure and efficient cooperation.

The Key Challenges for the Healthcare Sector

  • Data theft is a genuine threat
    In the digital age, all stakeholders involved in healthcare are also connected to one another – from hospitals to doctors’ practices all the way to patients and even medical devices. Many workflows are redesigned to take account of this increasingly connected environment. At the same time, however, new regulations are needed, for example, to protect sensitive personal information from unauthorised access.
  • Putting the patient first
    The aim of the digitalised healthcare system is to deliver therapies that are as patient-centric and effective as possible. The latest technological possibilities and transparent communication channels between participants create the basis for this.

Nevis – Your Partner for Information Security and Legal Compliance

Nevis offers you the solution: Your customers and patients receive passwordless and secured account access that allows them to manage their medical affairs quickly – in a user-friendly and completely reliable environment.

Digital Healthcare Act (DVG) – comply with the DVG with CIAM

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The Digital Healthcare Act (DVG) aims to accelerate the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. Key aspects include the reimbursement of charges for healthcare applications, support for telemedicine services and the expansion of the Telematics Infrastructure. 

Compliant with the E-Health Law

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The digital healthcare sector includes numerous individual factors for which data protection is a top priority. The E-Health Law provides the legal framework for this purpose and provides initial points of reference for the measures required. Important action areas in this context include:

  • Digital inventory data management
  • Electronic health record
  • Electronic health card: medical access to patient data and emergency information
  • Electronic medication plan
  • Seamless and secure data exchange between different IT infrastructures within the healthcare system

Full Control and GDPR Compliance

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Under the terms of the GDPR, the healthcare and life sciences sector, in general, is under an obligation to demonstrably protect personal customer data across all systems used to collect, store and further process this data. With Nevis, you are automatically compliant with legislation such as the GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) – and can avoid unnecessary and costly sanctions that will harm your company and its reputation.


Nevis Has Been Protecting Digital Portals for 20 Years.

What Customers and Patients Expect

Protected by Compliance

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Healthcare customers and patients also expect optimum security when they access their accounts. Nevis offers a solution that complies with the GDPR and HIPAA and enables healthcare providers to secure health information and sensitive patient data. It also offers integrated fraud detection to prevent unwanted access.

Security With Simplified, Digital Access

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Nevis ensures that a login process, access to an application or a business process can be assigned to the authorised expert group. For example, customers, doctors, technical experts or nursing staff can log into the e-health portal, access patient data and perform updates or transactions in a matter of seconds. They can now confirm approvals with fingerprint or FaceID instead of the insecure password.

What’s more, patients and customers can conveniently change, order or add medical services in their accounts without having to waste time with separate logins for different systems. General administrative expenditure in digital healthcare is reduced because customers and patients can decide who is permitted to access their data in the authorisation management.

Better Protection for Customer Data

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Integrate Nevis into your IT environment. This will simplify access for your stakeholders while at the same time preventing unauthorised persons from gaining access to customer data under false pretences. Nevis gathers and analyses information such as location, device information and the current time, but also typical user quirks such as typing behaviour and the dynamics of keystrokes, touching and mouse movements. These dynamic aspects of a user identity can be compared with previous interactions to evaluate the risk and, if necessary, preventing unauthorised access.

«Nevis identity management lets you securely manage the digital identities of all participating parties and guarantee protection of sensitive medical data.»


Strong Solution for Strong Partners

For identity and access management (IAM), for reliable verification of a user's authorisations, HIN has relied on Nevis solutions for years. Read how secure logins optimise and safeguard digital healthcare.

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Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies and banks have oriented their organisation towards personalised digital user and customer experiences. Nevis helps you offer an exceptional customer experience that is more focused on people and appeals to them with relevant content.

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How Nevis Supports Public and Private Healthcare Insurances

Efficient identity management

Nevis is the beating heart of the security infrastructure for e-health service providers. With Nevis, you can implement the central identity management process efficiently:

  • Account activation/self-regulation
  • Ordering new services and authorisations
  • Linking identities and credentials
  • Delegated administration: authorisation management by customers
Streamlined digital access

Nevis ensures that a login process, access to an application or a business process can be assigned to the authorised expert group:

  • Doctors, technical experts or nursing staff can log into the e-health portal in seconds
  • The users can access patient data conveniently and perform updates or transactions
  • Users confirm approvals with fingerprint or FaceID rather than insecure passwords
  • Nevis also ensures round-the-clock availability of the e-health portal. No SMS transaction fees are incurred.
Popular functions

Identity management solutions for healthcare service providers cover other popular functions in addition to the usual IDM processes. Nevis offers:

  • Access to master data from the ERP system
  • Provisioning of identity data in different peripheral systems
  • Support for different authentication tools: mTAN, SuisseID, HPC Card, Soft Certs, etc.
  • Authorisation based on roles and user attributes
  • Integration of special client software
  • Single sign-on for web applications and other services for secure data exchange