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Customer Identity and Access Management

Nevis Identity Suite is the on-premise solution for a secure and convenient Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) that has been proven for over two decades.

Make CIAM an Experience – Secure and User-Friendly

With the Identity Suite from Nevis, you can make access to your digital products and services convenient, passwordless and secure. The proven on-premise solution offers bespoke customer identity and access management – without compromising usability and security. With the Identity Suite, you can provide your customers with quick and secure access to all functions across different portals. Strengthening customer loyalty, you’ll be able to bring new digital offerings to market quicker. This will keep you dynamic and secure that vital competitive edge.

Identity Suite – Significant Features


Passwordless Authentication

Enable customers to easily access services through a secure and convenient authentication process based on cryptographic key pairs and biometrics.


Identity Orchestration

Not just quick and agile – but secure and comprehensive too: With the automatic workflows as part of identity orchestration, you can offer your customers fantastic interactive experiences at all points of contact.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Knowing, having, being: Connecting multiple factors ensures strong authentication: Harness the advantages of multi-factor authentication with the Nevis Identity Suite.


Usernameless Authentication

Abandon complicated login procedures and rely on authentication through QR codes, access apps and biometrics.


Passkeys (FIDO2)

Passkeys offer more security and control through additional authentication, better management of access rights and increased data protection.


Single Sign-On

Let your customers access multiple applications with the same credentials – for more security, increased efficiency and an optimised customer experience.


Identity Management

Harmonise the identity management processes across different systems. And ensure consistent data organisation with maximum transparency.



As a flexible CIAM solution, the Identity Suite from Nevis is perfectly aligned with DevOps practices and integrates seamlessly into the software development processes.


Web/API Access

Centralised access control for greater security and oversight: With web and API access management, you can ensure that only authorised persons have access to individual resources.


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Arguments for the Identity Suite


Comprehensive functionality


Seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures


Modular structure for individual needs


Open and flexibly expandable architecture


Optimised user-friendliness for providers and end customers


Reduced time to market for digital offerings


Focused solutions for specific industries


Meets the latest security standards

Companies That Trust in Nevis

Customers who have relied on Nevis solutions for years
Customers who have relied on Nevis solutions for years

Nevis Identity Suite –
Solution Paper

This is how customers can enjoy secure, simple and passwordless access to digital offerings. The Identity Suite from Nevis is the proven on-premise application for secure and convenient customer identity and access management (CIAM). Download the solution paper brochure now and learn more!

Download Solution Paper

With a seamless and personalised online experience, you can offer your customers the digital service they want. Nevis can help you build a remarkable cross-channel customer experience, with relevant content that is simply more appealing – to new and loyal customers. We would be delighted to explain what Nevis can do for you.