Don’t Gamble With Data Security

Security and Compliance for iGaming

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Maximise your security

Protect the security of players, your data, bets and transactions. Automatically comply with the requirements of the GDPR, the State Treaty on Gaming 2021 in Germany (GlüStV 2021) and the Gambling Act 2005.

Implement legal requirements with ease

Comply with the relevant legislation such as the German Money Laundering Act (GwG) and the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive 5AMLD to prevent the financial system being exploited for money laundering and to finance terrorism.

Optimise the player experience

Increase the trust and loyalty of your customers. Know your customer from the outset. Replace long, complex and difficult-to-remember passwords with biometric login procedures. This means a fingerprint is all that’s required to log in.

A Boom Inevitably Leads to Regulation

Virtual poker, bitcoin roulette, virtual arcade games, online casinos and sports bets are extremely popular. As well as becoming an accepted and in-demand iGaming offering, they have developed into a global, billion-euro business.

Nowadays, iGaming is subject to legal restrictions in most countries. Germany, for example, introduced the State Treaty on Gambling in mid-2021 – with the aim of re-regulating iGaming and making it a safe space for players. The Gambling Act (BGS) and associated regulations have been in force in Switzerland since 2019 while Austria issues licenses for iGaming. The UK Gambling Commission regulates all digital gambling establishments in the country.

The reason for this re-regulation is the boom that has developed in recent years around previously unregulated iGaming.

It is important to note that iGaming laws can vary significantly from country to country, so players and iGaming companies should always inform themselves about their region's specific laws and regulations.


The Challenges for iGaming Providers

iGaming is a rapidly growing and important global market. However, a licence is only issued if a security and social concept is in place. 

  • To comply with legislation, online casinos or sports betting providers are required to open a customer account for each of their players. This is also used to transfer money like a bank account and must be protected against data theft.
  • In addition, player data is monitored by the state supervisory authority. Minors must not be granted access to the game. 
  • Access to customer accounts must be easy and convenient for players, otherwise they will switch to another provider.

With the right combination of security and convenience, however, the mandatory dedicated player account can become a success factor and a unique selling proposition. The concept of «know your customer» enables customer-oriented offerings that are tailored to the player and have a positive impact on revenue. The Nevis solutions can be adapted to the specific needs of iGaming providers. The right balance between data security and usability is achieved in this case with reliable and convenient authentication procedures such as 2FA, MFA or social logins.

Nevis – Your Partner for Security and User-Friendliness

Nevis offers you the optimum solution that is tailored to your needs. Players receive passwordless and secure access to their accounts and player profiles – with total convenience and security.

Secure login for protecting privacy, bets and transactions

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The player wants to be sure that only they can use their account to play online. But what happens, for example, if the player’s children know the access data? This is where the use of biometric factors such as face IDs or fingerprints to check the identity before every game is useful. In addition, the statutory requirements regarding the know-your-customer principles are explicit and require that the identity of a player be checked during transactions and when bets are placed.

The Nevis solution combines optimum user-friendliness and maximum security. If this convenience is lacking, customers will soon switch to other providers. 


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Since we attach such important to security, all Nevis solutions are FIDO-certified. For all logins to a user account, the FIDO standard requires a public and a private key, to which only the authorised user has access. Only after these two keys have been successfully compared can the user log in to the user account. Cybercriminals have no chance with FIDO – especially since insecure passwords are replaced by better biometric features such as fingerprints for authentication purposes. 

GDPR and GwG conformity

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The iGaming industry is under an obligation to demonstrably protect personal customer data across all systems used to collect, store and further process this data. The provider must provide evidence of this protection.

Protecting minors and gambling addicts

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The KYC principle is used to block access to minors and gambling addicts who appear on self-exclusion lists.


Experience the Future of Data Security in iGaming With Nevis

Discover the ground-breaking synergy between Nevis’ impressive cloud-based passwordless authentication solutions and Playtech’s dynamic iGaming innovations.

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What the Digital Player Expects

Simple logins and maximum security

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Personal data, bets and transactions must be protected by the strictest security standards; login processes and operating functions must be user-friendly and smart. 

Passwordless login

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People are no longer willing to remember complicated passwords. Login processes, and operating functions need to be user-friendly and smart. Customers expect passwordless website logins from either desktop or mobile browsers.

Excelling customer experience

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An optimised customer experience must be guaranteed wherever and whenever the player accesses their profile. This builds trust and strengthens customer loyalty. User-friendliness must be the focus and must cover different customer needs.

Intuitive and secure points of contact

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Conventional authentication methods are often laborious, costly, inconvenient and no longer sufficient to protect sensitive data effectively against security breaches. Do not risk your security at the expense of convenience. An interruption in the intuitive customer journey leads to a negative customer experience.

«73% of consumers indicate that a differentiated customer experience is a key factor influencing their continued loyalty. In a highly competitive market, this is of decisive importance.»


Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have oriented their organisation towards personalised digital user and customer experiences. Nevis helps you offer an exceptional customer experience that is more focused on people and appeals to them with relevant content.

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How Nevis Supports the iGaming Industry

Streamlined digital access

Customers enjoy passwordless and secure access to their player account and make more use of the services on offer:

  • They can log into the portal in seconds
  • Convenient access to the player account across all platforms 
  • Separate confirmation provides added security for sensitive transactions such as money transfers
Efficiency with an online portal

Nevis offers complete modules for all aspects of a modern online casino or online betting experience:

  • Support for multiple authentication tools and authentication strengths
  • Secure player authentication thanks to a combination of biometric identification and strong cryptography based on the FIDO standard
  • The best possible security infrastructure is provided quickly and automatically
Set yourself apart with digital security

Browser-based as well as app-based login processes are supported. As a result, customers experience the same convenience with maximum security on every type of device.

  • Following successful registration, a fingerprint is all that’s required for the player to log in securely.
  • The account can be used securely without a password anywhere at any time.
  • No ongoing SMS transaction fees.