Secure Authentication Without a Username

Usernameless Authentication With the Nevis Authentication Cloud


Usernameless Authentication

Usernameless authentication enables successful authentication without the need to know a username. Security increases dramatically as a result.

The more online accounts a person uses, the harder it becomes to remember the usernames and passwords for all the logins. Authentication with a username and password is associated with major risks. On the one hand, the information can be quickly forgotten. On the other hand, authentication with a username is insecure and can be exploited by phishing and other forms of data theft.

How Does Usernameless Authentication With Nevis Work?

An unknown user wants to log into your website. You issue a QR code that is linked to the login transaction but contains no information about a user. The user can now scan the QR code using a suitable app on their smartphone and authenticate themself with their FaceID. The status of the transaction is continuously queried with a token in the background.

Once authentication has successfully completed, this is confirmed with the user ID. The following section shows how your system can link the login to a user account and grant the user access to your website.

The Advantages of Usernameless Authentication

Increase security with usernameless authentication

The use of biometric authentication procedures gives you added protection against credential stuffing, password spraying and other brute-force methods.

You will make identity theft more difficult by querying multiple authentication factors. This will help you to avoid unnecessary extra costs or reputational damage to your company.

With protected accounts and controlled login procedures, you are effectively preventing data theft by cybercriminals.

Cut costs and free up resources

Support requests and password problems are eliminated. Your IT employees can focus on other more important tasks.

Expensive transaction charges for SMS-TAN are no more.

The resetting of passwords is eliminated.

Create a unique customer experience with usernameless authentication

Customers expect user-friendliness and security. The login process must be quick, convenient and intuitive.

A seamless customer experience ensures a minimal cancellation rate during the login process.

Enhance the user experience with ease of operation and logins on mobile devices.

«Usernameless authentication is based on the FIDO2 WebAuthn standard. Security with the convenience of biometric authentication processes.»

You no longer have to remember or reveal your username. Despite this, your data is fully protected at all times by usernameless authentication from Nevis.