Using Multiple Factors for Strong Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) With the Nevis Identity Cloud


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security mechanism that consists of multiple required security and validation processes. This makes it much more secure than authentication using just a username and password, which is vulnerable to hacker attacks.

In principle, we can distinguish between four types of authentication procedures based on the factors of having, knowing, biometric characteristics and location. For example, a user possesses a uniquely identified device, knows a password, logs in from a location using a specific IP address and has a unique fingerprint. If these identification features are combined, it is almost certain that the person accessing the website is the person actually authorised to do so. The more sophisticated the MFA, the more secure the system. 

How Does Multi-Factor Authentication With Nevis Work?

Not every online operation requires the same degree of security. For this reason, the Nevis system can be configured to select the authentication strength based on risk, thus ensuring maximum user-friendliness at all times.

With Nevis, the following identification factors are combined so as to reliably confirm that the person trying to access confidential data truly is who they say they are – with guaranteed security and FIDO-compliance.

  • Know – a password, a security question, a PIN
  • Have – possession of a device (mobile phone, debit card, etc.)
  • Are – biometric characteristics (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris pattern)

Advantages of Multi-Factor Authentication

Optimise protection against cybercrime

Secure protection against identity theft due to credential stuffing, password spraying and other brute-force methods with the help of authentication procedures.

Protected accounts and secure logins make data theft more difficult.

Increase flexibility and security

Create greater interoperability thanks to the FIDO Standard.

Guarantee a trusting user experience with a simple and secure login

Customers expect user-friendliness and security. The login process must be quick, convenient and intuitive.

Low cancellation rate during the login process thanks to a seamless customer experience.

Stronger customer retention thanks to an intuitive, secure, convenient login procedure.

«Those who rely on a username and password to access systems only have a limited degree of security. Even a carefully chosen password can no longer be considered secure today.»

Multi-factor authentication with Nevis provides security for personal data, maximum user-friendliness and associated cost savings thanks to passwordless authentication.


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