A Scalable CIAM Solution That Grows With Your Business

Read why a scalable CIAM system is more powerful, reliable and flexible and helps companies to implement the perfect customer journey.

May 24, 2023 - 2 min.
Picture of: Sebastian Ulbert
Sebastian Ulbert

In addition to security, compliance and customer satisfaction, scalability is one of the key pillars of customer identity and access management (CIAM). This approach enables the efficient, flexible and secure management of digital identities so that only authorised persons are granted access. For the customer, this means a seamless and, ideally, a personalised customer experience from the first point of contact with the company. To guarantee this, the CIAM must be efficient, reliable and flexible – even if the volume of customer data increases on a seasonal basis, for example. This is only possible if the CIAM system is scalable. Read on to learn what this means for companies and why scalability is important.

What to consider when it comes to scaling? 

Companies that can scale are at a clear advantage. After all, this is the only way companies can keep pace with their customer data and customer base growth. However, this not only applies if the company is growing and expanding but can also be affected by other factors. For example, more data is collected during Christmas than in the spring because purchasing power is highly concentrated in retail. A CIAM system must be able to cope with this dynamic without performance problems. After all, if an overload or a dropout occurs when a consumer wants to log into an application, the company could end up losing a potential customer.

To avoid performance problems, companies should focus on the CIAM system during the planning stage. The software architecture should be designed so that it can be flexibly enhanced if necessary. This can be done with the help of a modular architecture, for example. Another point that companies should consider is outsourcing their CIAM system to the cloud. A system based on distributed infrastructures is easier to scale. This means that the right amount of IT resources is available at the right time at the right location. This allows customer applications and resources to be deployed worldwide and in real-time.

Companies should also consider the aspect of automation, which can make a CIAM system much easier to scale. Manual tasks are reduced or eliminated. Processes such as deploying, configuring and managing IT resources are then carried out automatically. This enhances security because the system regularly searches for and provides updates and patches.

The benefits of a scalable CIAM solution

One of the biggest advantages of a scalable CIAM system for companies is its flexibility. If the number of users changes, companies can easily react without redesigning the entire system and implementing it from scratch. Resources are deployed in accordance with requirements. Since rapid and seamless authentication and authorisation are guaranteed, companies can maintain an excellent user experience at all times, irrespective of the number of logins.

Moreover, companies only pay for the required resources, reducing operating costs. In addition, they can provide consistent and reliable security for any number of users and applications so that only authorised users have access to data and applications.

Scalable CIAM: a continuously positive user experience

Consumers expect a positive experience when they log into an application. If these expectations are not met, potential customers will quickly go elsewhere. After all, this is the first point of interaction with a company and involves the collection of sensitive data. The system must therefore be available and flexible irrespective of capacity utilisation.


Security meets customer experience – the benefits of CIAM