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Nevis Ensures Convenient and Secure Logins at Abraxas

Initial Situation

Abraxas aims to offer state-of-the-art services that always comply with the latest security requirements for data and systems. To this end, the company continuously makes long-term investments in specialist expertise and associated services. In 2021, Abraxas was looking for a solution that could be used to realise strong two-factor authentication for its SaaS applications. Among other things, the aim was to replace the two-factor authentication used up to now with a solution with higher security. Since several employees were already familiar with Nevis solutions and had had positive experiences using them, the decision-makers at the company made contact with Nevis that same year.


Pilot operation of the first SaaS solution based on the Nevis Identity Cloud – which was still called the ‘Nevis Authentication Cloud’ at the time – commenced in May 2022. As an identity and access-management solution, it allows Abraxas to offer passwordless and hence convenient access to its in-house SaaS solutions. This is made possible by mobile authentication, which uses the biometric authentication possibilities of modern smartphones. Users can log in via a branded access app that conforms to the company’s corporate design. Nevis uses security standards defined by the FIDO Alliance for this purpose. The abbreviation ‘FIDO’ stands for Fast Identity Online, an industry standard for secure, rapid and simple authentication.

Mobile authentication is used for all SaaS customers who are protected by the Abraxas identity access management system and for all Abraxas employees involved in web applications. Whether it’s onboarding, authentication or transmitting transaction confirmations, intuitive user guidance is guaranteed. Abraxas is particularly impressed with the increased security associated with transaction confirmations. Additional positives of the Nevis solution include TEE support for the mobile device and FIDO certification.

Was Kunden über Nevis sagen

The Nevis branded access app offers easy access. Only a few user attributes are required, which simplifies compliance with privacy laws.
Silvano Fari
Silvano Fari Head of Cloud Platform Services, Abraxas

About Abraxas

Abraxas Informatik AG is the largest provider of integrated IT solutions to the public sector in Switzerland. The company is headquartered in St.Gallen and employs around 970 people in all language regions. Abraxas connects Swiss administrations, authorities, companies and the population with efficient, secure and integrated IT solutions and services.