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Initial Situation

Being an internationally active company, the Viessmann Group recognised the opportunities of digitisation from an early stage. In order to meet the challenges arising from new market needs such as the Internet of Things (IoT), it pushed ahead with modernising its IT systems across all areas of its business – both within the company as well as in the B2B and B2C sectors. Viessmann needed Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the entire corporate group to ensure its digital transformation was successful.

The requirements profile developed for the IAM included the following goals:

  • Establishment of a company-wide IAM solution
  • Securing core digital processes using strong authentication mechanisms
  • Connection of central company applications
  • Inclusion of all digital identities

FSP GmbH Consulting & IT-Services, headquartered in Cologne, and its cooperation partner Nevis Security AG – then operating under AdNovum Informatik AG – ultimately won the complex call for tenders in 2017. The successful partnership between FSP and Nevis was crucial in winning the contract, as well as positive customer feedback, which was readily apparent during a reference visit.


During the extensive proof of concept conducted by Nevis and FSP, the partnered firms identified countless influencing factors that had to be taken into account while implementing Viessmann’s target specifications: these included the large number of use cases in particular, as well as technologies, stakeholders, special requirements and a high degree of integration relating to a range of peripheral systems – i.e. those applications that aren’t part of the actual IAM but depend on exchanging data with it.

A medium to high level of customisation was required due to the company-specific requirements, which was easily achieved thanks to the high level of flexibility for customisation offered by the Nevis architecture. The client-server architectures and web- and cloud-based applications took centre place and were integrated gradually in accordance with the priorities set out in the project plan.

Almost every component of the ‘Nevis Identity Suite’ access management solution was deployed at Viessmann to exploit the entire range of IAM functions: NevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisIDM, nevisLogrend, nevisMeta, nevisAdmin3 and nevisFido. There are also plans to include nevisAdmin4 and nevisAdapt in the future.

Was Kunden über Nevis sagen

Was Kunden über Nevis sagen

A major strength of Nevis is flexibility: the requirements were met in just the way we needed as customer. This resulted in a simplification of user management in its entirety.
Sebastian Sassor
Sebastian Sassor TSO IdaaS (Technical Service Owner), Viessmann IT Service GmbH

About Viessmann

Since its founding in 1917, the family company Viessmann headquartered in Allendorf (Eder), Hesse has been continually growing: specialising in heating, cooling and ventilation technology, the firm now operates 22 production companies in 12 countries, 68 sales companies in 31 countries and 120 sales offices. In 2020, around 54% of turnover came from international business.

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