The Nevis Experience
for die Mobiliar

The Nevis security suite has been used for access management by Die Mobiliar since 2006. The high-availability infrastructure for customers, partners and internal employees consists of several entry servers with numerous instances.


  • Nevis-based access infrastructure with login and authentication for internal and external users
  • Support for several authentication procedures with central management of access data
  • Simple integration of additional means of authentication and flexible login process handling
  • Perimeter security (web application firewall)
  • Integrates Mobiliar with IG-B2B (portal of Swiss insurance brokers)


Access management based on Nevis components:

  • Entry server: nevisProxy
  • Access data management: nevisIDM
  • Key management: nevisKeybox
  • Administration: nevisAdmin
  • Authentication service: nevisAuth

Authentication methods:

  • Certificate
  • SAML
  • Kerberos
  • User name / password
  • mTAN
  • Grid card