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Mobiliar moves to the cloud with Nevis

Initial Situation

As a company with almost 200 years of history, Mobiliar is committed to offering top-class services at all times and in every respect. The same applies to the security of the data belonging to its more than 2.2 million customers and their business partners. To guarantee end-to-end protection of sensitive information, the company has long been using solutions from Nevis Security AG, the expert in identity and access management.

Mobiliar has been planning to implement a cloud strategy for the applications of its subsidiaries Trianon and Xpert Center since 2021. However, it was important to find a CIAM solution that enabled interoperability between legacy applications and the new cloud infrastructure. The goal is to outsource all resources to the public cloud on a phased basis and to close all on-premises data centres.

Due to the long-standing partnership with Nevis and the fact that its developers were already working on a cloud-based identity and access management solution, the Mobiliar management decided to tackle this flagship project together with Nevis.


The contract was inked a few months after Nevis presented the prototype of the Identity Cloud in May 2022. This makes Mobiliar the first customer to profit from the newly developed Azure one-click installer for the Nevis Identity Cloud. With the Azure one-click installer, Nevis has revolutionised the process of installing an identity management system. Previously, this took around three months. Thanks to the Azure one-click installer, the installation is fully automated and Nevis customers have an out-of-the-box CIAM platform in record time. As a result, Nevis not only enabled but also accelerated the implementation of the cloud strategy at Mobiliar.

The Nevis solution also impresses with further technical advantages such as adaptive authentication.

In developing the Nevis Identity Suite for the applications in question, Nevis scored highly in several ways. On the one hand, all functional requirements were met – for example, Trianon can now offer an excellent customer experience while also enjoying significant cost savings. The functional scope of the Nevis Identity Cloud is also greatly appreciated. With its Web Application Firewall, Adaptive Security API Gateway and CIAM, it combines all aspects of cyber security for customer-focused applications.

Was Kunden über Nevis sagen

On the other hand, the fact that Nevis always welcomed our feedback during the development of the solution and implemented our wishes directly following appropriate analysis was a real plus for us.
Kenneth Nydegger
Kenneth Nydegger Product Owner of all Gateway Services, Mobiliar

About "die Mobiliar"

Founded in 1826, Mobiliar is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland. As an all-lines insurance company, it offers products and services for private individuals in the areas of housing and property, vehicles and travel, as well as pension and health. The range of products for companies includes cyber protection, occupational pension solutions, and business insurance. Several subsidiaries belong to Mobiliar Holding. These include XpertCenter AG, a company specialising in claims management that also offers services for third parties, and Trianon AG, which specialises in pension and personnel services.