Secure Verification of Users Within Seconds

Online Identity Verification Using the Nevis Identity Cloud


Identity Verification

Identity verification is the process used to check the identity of a person on the internet. This is done by checking and comparing the identity document and with the help of biometric facial features. This makes it possible to establish that this person is who they claim to be and that they are entitled to execute the relevant operations online.

How Does Digital Identity Verification With Nevis Work?

ID verification is a digital, non-bureaucratic, seamless and user-friendly onboarding process comprising three simple steps:

  • Scanning the identity document
    The front and rear side of the identity document are scanned using the camera and its authenticity is then checked based on the specific security features. During this process, the system also reads out biometric data from the photograph.
  • Scanning the face
    The biometric data is extracted from a quick selfie recording and is used for the identity verification with the help of artificial intelligence. The system then analyses the person for liveness (biometric liveness detection) and authenticity.
  • AI verification
    The automated, intelligent comparison confirms the identity of the user (or not), thus guaranteeing the data consistency. Extracted data, such as the age, can be used for other purposes such as age verification.

Advantages of Digital Identity Verification

Increase security by checking the identity document

Digital identity verification offers added protection against fraud and cyberattacks – via bots or ransomware for instance. By checking the document, creating an authenticity score and using biometric facial comparison, you can minimise the opportunities for fraud.

For companies, identity verification ensures that the person in question truly is who they say they are. This is an effective tool for combating application fraud. It also ensures that the authorised person is actually present during the application and onboarding process.

In short: By using the authenticity check during onboarding, the identity verification effectively prevents identity theft.

Reduce your onboarding costs by 90 per cent

With digital ID verification, face-to-face meetings can also be conducted online.

This eliminates the outsourcing costs for video identification processes.

The automated remote application and onboarding process incurs no personnel costs.

Create a unique customer experience with biometric verification

Customers expect user-friendliness and security. The login process must be quick, convenient and intuitive.

Identity verification can be performed at any time (24/7) and at any location.

The name, address and personal data is recorded electronically, and manual errors are prevented.

The cancellation rate during the onboarding process remains very low thanks to the seamless customer experience.

«The key to the operation of ID verification is the automation of all workflows previously carried out by a customer service representative. The restriction to working hours and working days also no longer applies.»

Protect yourself and your customers against illegal activities such as money laundering or fraud. «Know your customer» from the very first contact.