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Single Sign-On

Single sign-on allows users to authenticate for different online services with just one login. Authentication for different applications can be done with only one set of credentials. The providers of the respective platforms or solutions transfer the verification of the user identity to an independent provider. This third-party provider assumes the role of a central authentication service, also called Identity Provider (IdP) or Central Authentication Service (CAS), and verifies the login data.

Social Login can be integrated with SSO so that users have a seamless experience across a wide variety of applications and websites. With Social Login and SSO, users can authenticate to one website or application using their social media credentials and then gain access to other applications or websites without re-entering their credentials.

How Does Social Login Work With Nevis?

Social identity providers are used to authenticate the user's identity through a federated login. Both OAuth 2.0 and OIDC protocols are used to simplify the authentication and authorisation tasks. The procedure includes the following steps:

  • The user has to select the social login option on the IDC login page.
  • Identity Cloud routes a enquiry to the social identity provider of the respective social identity to verify the user's authenticity. The user logs in.
  • Once the social identity provider has verified the user identity, Identity Cloud links the social account to the user ID. The pairing requires email authentication.
  • Identity Cloud enables the user to access the application.

Advantages of Single Sign-On in SaaS Solutions

Improved user experience

With SSO, users only need to remember one set of credentials to access all their applications, saving time and reducing frustration. This leads to higher productivity, and greater user satisfaction.

Time saving and cost reduction

SSO saves time and money by reducing the amount of time spent logging in to different applications, so IT administrators spend less time managing credentials and accounts.

Simplified management

SSO simplifies the number of passwords and user accounts a user or IT administrator needs to manage. This makes it easier to manage access permissions and accounts for multiple applications.


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