The Nevis Experience
for UBS

UBS, Switzerland’s largest bank, has used Nevis components for their e-banking since it first went live in 1997. By now, Nevis protects the most important access points of UBS clients: e-banking and phone, mobile banking, Multimat ATMs, OFX and UBS Quotes. 

As a core component of UBS’ security infrastructure, Nevis scales well: The bank’s immense volumes can be processed quickly and efficiently. Nevis reflects the ever-changing security requirements of the bank by offering customized products. Thus, UBS doesn’t need to adapt to the product. Due to its inherent flexibility and engineering services, Nevis adapts to the customers’ needs. The high demands of the bank put the Nevis components to the test again and again. The collaboration between UBS and Nevis brings market-oriented enhancements, and the new features can easily be used for other applications as well.

Nevis has proved itself in numerous upgrades (for development, testing and production environments). It undergoes constant change and evolves according to the latest technologies. NEVIS has already successfully passed several bank-internal technology leaps (e.g., C++ to Java, Corba to WebServices, platform migrations) and is well positioned for future requirements.


  • All customer traffic from the internet to UBS in Switzerland passes through Nevis
    • Client authentication for classic e-banking, approx. 600,000 users in Switzerland alone
    • Phone banking
    • Mobile banking access
    • Payment transactions at UBS Multimat ATMs 24/7
    • Exchange of financial data with OFX
    • Access control for stock exchange service UBS Quotes
    • Co-browsing solution for customer support
    • Integration of different access management infrastructures
    • Identical infrastructure for several authentication back ends


  • Various Nevis components (nevisProxy, nevisAuth, nevisLogRend, nevisKeybox,…)
  • Authentication methods integrated with and supported by Nevis
    • UBS Access Card with offline reader (challenge/response)
    • UBS Access Card with access key (challenge/response)
    • UserID/password

  • Custom features implemented specifically for UBS
    • Integration of IBM ZTIC for UBS Access Key
    • Integration of unblu for co-browsing
    • Propagation of trust information to UBS-external systems such as UBS Card Center and e-payment by SIX Paynet

  • High-availability installation at two different locations in four physical lines
  • Support for transaction signing
  • Patented fail-over procedures based on DNS