The New Nevis Security Barometer

How differently do consumers and IT decision-makers feel about IT?

Cyberattacks that result in the theft of data from millions of customers by criminals are a massive problem for companies and their customers. Seventy per cent of all companies have already been the victim of cyberattacks. But how do both sides view the threat situation – and how are they responding to it? Nevis gets to the bottom of these issues in a representative survey of IT managers and private users. It reveals major discrepancies between what users really want and what IT professionals believe.

In a representative survey among 1'000 consumers and 500 IT-Security decision-makers, Nevis investigated these questions and summarized the answers in the Nevis Security Barometer 2021.

What you will know after reading the Nevis Security Barometer:

  • How customers and IT specialists gauge the situation regarding IT security
  • What private individuals do to protect their data – and what they neglect to do
  • Is there a will to close the knowledge gap? How well-informed are IT decision-makers?
  • Which technological possibilities are companies already using?
  • What options does a company have when it comes to strengthening its own IT security?