Nevis for Healthcare & Life Sciences
Passwordless 2FA for eHealth solutions and health networks

Nowadays, users of health services not only have high expectations with respect to user-friendliness but also value proper protection of their personal data more than ever.

Well-functioning identity and access management infrastructure, where security and usability are optimally combined, not only provides healthcare professionals with access to portals and patient records but also increases widespread acceptance of digital health services.

What you will know after reading the paper.

  • Learn how you can simplify digital access for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Read how you can increase security despite providing easier access to your healthcare portal.
  • Learn how Nevis ensures that a login process or access to an application or business process can be allocated to the authorized group of professionals to quickly and securely retrieve patient data to make updates or perform transactions. 

Leverage digital security and learn how to 

  • Authorization management can be done by customers.
  • Authorization is based on roles and user attributes.
  • All the necessary approvals take place with a fingerprint or Face ID.