CIAM: Security meets customer experience

All too often, logging in to online shops or service providers on the web is like running the gauntlet: The users are maltreated with long registration forms, has to think up hard-to-remember passwords, and in the worst case, is served a captcha to prove that they are not a robot by clicking on pixelated traffic lights or zebra crossings. At the same time, merchants and service providers must ensure that user accounts are safe from attacks by hackers or scammers. How can these security interests and a good user experience (CX) be reconciled? Modern solutions for Customer Identity and Access Management, in short CIAM, provide the appropriate infrastructure of security functions and user administration. In this white paper, Nevis has summarised what makes CIAM so valuable.

What you will know after reading the paper.

In the white paper "CX and CIAM", you can read:

  • how CIAM improves the user experience at critical touchpoints,
  • which measures are used to thwart hackers and scammers,
  • which industries benefit the most.