Cybercrime: How to Protect Your Business!

Cyber attacks on companies or institutions are being reported with increasing frequency. Some of them are of enormous dimensions. IT managers and CEOs who think, "Oh, it can't happen to us", are putting their companies at significant risk. Between 2020 and 2021, 9 out of 10 companies were hit by cyberattacks! Institutions and companies in public and private sectors face an enormous risk of being taken hostage by online criminals – regardless of industry or company size. This can result in reputational damage, financial damage and possibly even insolvency, loss of data and legal consequences due to GDPR. In the worst case, attacks on medical facilities can threaten human life. Act proactively, protect your company.

What you will know after reading the paper.

In the white paper you will learn:

  • which mix of measures is necessary to ward off cyberattacks
  • what an effective seven-point plan is to protect your company, all data and customer data from cybercrime
  • how to use a CIAM system to leave your competition behind, actively improve your customers' user experience and increase sales