Impact of Credential Stuffing and Account Takeovers in the B2C Sector

Credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers are used primarily by financially motivated attackers as a highly effective and highly quantifiable method for fraudulent attacks against consumer-facing online businesses. The report – which focuses on 10 selected business-to-consumer (B2C) categories in the EMEA region, and Aberdeen's quantitative analysis – shows why the impact of successful account takeovers has grown beyond mere "cost of doing business" and has become a significant financial business risk. Key insights on this in the following reading.


What you will know after reading the report:

  • Why credential stuffing attacks against B2C organisations represent such an excellent opportunity
  • Profound, quantified risk of credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers for 10 selected industries
  • The concrete impact of credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers in the EMEA region for five categories of the financial services industry and other industries
  • Guidance for personal analysis