Nevis for ICM & Manufacturing
Passwordless Integration of All Digital Identities

Especially for critical processes, security, availability, and efficiency are essential. Simplify access for all user groups and increase IT security at the same time.


Did you know that the annualized business impact from mobile phishing attacks ranges from 50% likely to exceed $500K to 10% likely to exceed $200M?

What you will know after reading the paper.

  • Discover how even demanding industrial portals access with high-security requirements, e.g. protection against industrial espionage, can be structured simply and securely.
  • Learn how to simplify digital access for customers, distributors, and suppliers.
  • Learn how you can offer customers the convenience of their private communication channels with full respect for security standards in their business transactions as well.
  • Learn how a login process, access to an application, or a transaction can be precisely assigned to a specific person and how special devices are integrated for automatic ordering processes.