What is Customer Identity and Access Management?

Do you want to offer your customers a great experience with exceptional service, personal insights, and state-of-the-art security features? Or must user demands for easy, fast, and straightforward online access yield to security and compliance? 

Nevis’ CIAM system enables a balance between ease of use and secure access to user profiles, supporting the realization of efficient and secure digitization initiatives.


Did you know that businesses without a modern fraud prevention program are 4.3x more likely to experience customer data security issues (81% vs. 19%)?

What you will know after reading the paper.

For most enterprises, sacrificing high security for a great customer experience is not an option. Learn all about CIAM features and benefits.

  • Read why industries from healthcare to banking to e-commerce use CIAM.
  • Learn how to attract and retain customers and increase revenue.