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User Behaviour Analytics

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User behavior as security component

Anomalies in user behavior can be detected with user behavior analytics to prevent and avert unauthorized data access.

How user behavior can contribute to data security

User behavior analytics helps track, collect, and evaluate user data. This data is accumulated when digital services are used, and it can be processed by monitoring systems. With the help of user behavior analytics, specific patterns in user data, which indicate either normal or abnormal behavior, can be detected. Nevis makes it possible to combine leading anomaly detection technologies on a single platform and make them available as a central service for all applications.

Information like location, device stats, and the current time is collected and analyzed alongside user behavior – like keystroke dynamics, haptics, and mouse movements. These dynamic aspects of user identity can be compared with earlier interactions to assess the risk. Analysis already starts on the login page and continues until the end of the session.


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Anomalous user behavior could signal an attack. Security teams receive the necessary information to act if necessary. First, a risk threshold resulting from the anomalous behavior is transmitted to the risk management system. The IT security team can then abort transactions in real-time or verify the user’s identity by including a step-up authentication.

Benefits of user behavior analytics

Digital services are secured through mechanisms, which continuously assess risks and guarantee the best protection without diminishing the user experience. Session hijacking can be detected and then trigger mechanisms for a step-up authentication. This lowers expenses for manual security checks, like for bank payments.

  • Increased security and consistent user friendliness 
  • Automatic step-up authentication with increased risk 
  • Reduced costs thanks to the elimination of manual security checks 
  • Effective response to customer questions about online access

Which verticals and industries benefit from user behavior analytics?

User behavior analytics has become widely established in e-banking and mobile banking. Customer portals allow passwordless login based on behavior analytics. Only higher value transactions trigger additional authentication factors. User behavior analytics is also used to identify mobile device users.

Industry leaders who trust Nevis


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What customers say

What customers say

«By deploying the Adnovum solutions and the Nevis Suite, we’ve significantly increased the security of both log-in details and the data we transmit via our network.»
Cristiano Dias Software developer, MediData

How Nevis can help your business

Nevis Access Management

Access Management

Access management in combination with identity management makes it possible to grant or revoke user access to digital data, services, and applications.

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Nevis Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity management matches user identities with their respective user rights and facilitates access to the approved resources.

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Nevis Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication facilitated by tools like Face ID or fingerprints increases security and user-friendliness.

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Nevis Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

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Nevis Consent and Privacy Management

Consent and Privacy Management

Optimal data protection and transparency for users thanks to simple consent/rejection of terms and conditions and automatic compliance with all guidelines.

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Nevis Transaction Confirmation

Transaction Confirmation

Transaction confirmation provides an additional level of security on top of authentication for things like online payments.

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Nevis User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics

Anomalies in user behavior can be detected with user behavior analytics to prevent and avert unauthorized data access.

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Nevis Fraud and Risk Management

Fraud and Risk Management

Integrated fraud detection monitors all user activities during a session and generates a risk assessment for fraud prevention.

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Nevis Self Service Password Management


Self-services offer users the option to manage their data and user account settings themselves.

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Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have transformed their organization by focusing on the customer. Nevis helps you deliver an exceptional cross-channel customer experience that is more human and efficient - from the first trusted, hyper-personalized experience to a happy customer and beyond.

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