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The Nevis
Identity Cloud

The Nevis Identity Cloud – The Ideal Solution for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Cloud solution for a comprehensive customer identity and access management

Prioritise personal data protection and user experience. Increase business security, enhance customer loyalty and improve operational efficiency while reducing ongoing operational costs. The Nevis Identity Cloud offers you cloud-based identity and access management as a SaaS solution.

What challenges are SMEs and SMBs facing today?

Today's digital customer expects a positive user experience

  • 8 out of 10 customers cancel the login or order process if it is too complicated or appears insecure.
  • One in 10 customers leaves the company after a negative experience while using their online services.

Increase customer loyalty


Cyber risks are considered the most significant risk for companies worldwide

  • 70% of all companies have already been victims of cyberattacks.
  • Increasing security risks and the pressure of compliance with data protection laws require the knowledge of specialists.

Guarantee safety in compliance with applicable regulations


Hidden costs in the configuration of corporate security

  • Between 20-50% of all helpdesk requests concern forgotten passwords. On average, companies incur costs of €70 per password reset.
  • On average, 1.5% of turnover per customer is spent on account security.

Reduce running costs and prevent additional burdens


How the Nevis Identity Cloud optimises your business


  • Quick implementation into your existing IT environment without additional costs for hardware and middleware
  • Rapid business benefits for your company
  • New functionality, automated system updates and product enhancements

Increase profitability

  • Reduced time to market for digital offers
  • Fast and frictionless integration of new customers
  • Centralized management of user profiles enabeling customisable and dynamic offers, as well as upselling opportunities

Optimise internal processes

  • Accurate customer data and account linking allowing bespoke customer quotes
  • Reduce customer support costs – such as accessing data and account information

Increase corporate security

  • Compliance and regulatory certification such as GDPR and PSD2
  • Optimising the protection of PII data using FIDO2-certified biometric authentication processes
  • Reputational and financial protection utilizing banking grade security

Offer a smooth customer journey

  • Maximising the security with a strong customer authentication process
  • Personalised and seamless user experiences across all digital interaction channels
  • Comprehensive identity management by linking your CRM systems and customer data analysis tools

Strengthen customer loyalty

  • Automated, password-free login processes to guarantee an excellent first impression
  • Convenient and secure registration through social logins and self-service registration
  • 360-degree customer analytics and interactions for loyal and enthusiastic customers and business growth

Protect personal data with the Nevis Identity Cloud passwordless access management solution

Passwordless security is a top priority. Prevent cyberattacks and their consequences. Financially motivated attackers use highly effective and highly quantifiable methods such as credential stuffing attacks and account takeovers to attack customer-facing online businesses fraudulently.

After a cyber attack, every business suffers immediate financial damage. However, the consequential damage is usually even greater. A diminished reputation among stakeholders and shareholders is usually irreparable.

What functionalities does the Nevis Identity Cloud offer?

Identity Management

Harmonise identity management processes across different systems. And ensure consistent data organisation with the greatest possible transparency.

Identity Orchestration

Fast, agile, secure and comprehensive: with Identity Orchestration's automated workflows, you can offer your customers great interaction experiences at all touchpoints.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Something you know, something you have, something you are: The combination of multiple factors ensures strong authentication: Take advantage of multi-factor authentication.

Fraud Detection Account Security

Effective against cyber attackers: With targeted fraud detection and account security measures, you prevent unauthorised persons from gaining access to user accounts.

Single Sign-On Service

Allow your customers to access multiple applications with the same credentials - for greater security, increased efficiency and an optimal customer experience.

OAuth2.0/Open ID Connect

Allow your customer more flexibility while ensuring a high level of security through API authorisation.

SAML2.0 support

The Nevis Identity Cloud supports SAML 2.0 and serves as an identity provider to authenticate users with the web browser SSO profile.

How you benefit as a company

  • Registration, implementation and commissioning of the software is simple and takes only a short time
  • Legal compliance from day one
  • Password-free access management for your users ensures protected personal data
  • Strong identities through customer and identity access management solutions in the cloud
  • An optimal customer journey guarantees a good customer experience and loyal business relationships in the long term
  • Significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs. Comprehensive support from long-standing CIAM experts
  • Grow your business quickly and without downtime. Through the interplay of high performance and a demand-based cost model
With Nevis Identity Cloud, you can shorten time-to-market for digital offerings, increase customer loyalty and save on operational expenses.

White Paper

What is Customer Identity and Access Management?

Nevis' CIAM system balances ease of use with secure access to user profiles, supporting the implementation of efficient and secure digitisation initiatives.

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What customers say about Nevis

What customers say about Nevis

«Our customers really appreciate passwordless and secure access to their accounts: the number of customer interactions has doubled.»
Eric Müller
Eric Müller Lead Solutions Architect, PostFinance

How Nevis can help your business

Nevis Access Management

Access Management

Access management in combination with identity management makes it possible to grant or revoke user access to digital data, services, and applications.

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Nevis Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity management matches user identities with their respective user rights and facilitates access to the approved resources.

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Nevis Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication facilitated by tools like Face ID or fingerprints increases security and user-friendliness.

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Nevis Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Authentication using a number of different methods increases security compared to systems with simpler password authentication.

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Nevis Consent and Privacy Management

Consent and Privacy Management

Optimal data protection and transparency for users thanks to simple consent/rejection of terms and conditions and automatic compliance with all guidelines.

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Nevis Transaction Confirmation

Transaction Confirmation

Transaction confirmation provides an additional level of security on top of authentication for things like online payments.

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Nevis User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics

Anomalies in user behavior can be detected with user behavior analytics to prevent and avert unauthorized data access.

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Nevis Fraud and Risk Management

Fraud and Risk Management

Integrated fraud detection monitors all user activities during a session and generates a risk assessment for fraud prevention.

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Nevis Self Service Password Management


Self-services offer users the option to manage their data and user account settings themselves.

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Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have transformed their organization by focusing on the customer. Nevis helps you deliver an exceptional cross-channel customer experience that is more human and efficient - from the first trusted, hyper-personalized experience to a happy customer and beyond.

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