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Passwordless Authentication

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Security risk password

Passwordless authentication facilitated by tools like Face ID or fingerprints increases security and user-friendliness.

Register securely and with ease without a password

Passwordless authentication verifies whether users actually are who they say they are. Unlike conventional systems, users don’t have to manually enter a string of characters (password). Instead of a password, other authentication processes are used. Nevis uses biometric procedures like Face ID and fingerprints for passwordless authentication.

A future-proof example: Passkeys

Apple, Google and Microsoft recently announced expanded support for a common passwordless login standard developed by the FIDO Alliance. With Passkeys (a FIDO login credential tied to a website or app and a physical device), they will enable websites and apps to authenticate without having to enter a username, password or additional authentication factor. Consumers will thus be able to log in consistently, securely and easily without a password across devices and platforms. Websites and apps gain the ability to offer an end-to-end passwordless option through public cryptography. With Nevis, you are instantly ready to use passkeys and replace passwords as the primary authentication mechanism.


The root of over 80% of all security breaches and attacks is stolen passwords.

Getting rid of passwords increases user friendliness and security. Because no one wants to remember and then type in long, complicated passwords. On top of that, most users don’t change their passwords frequently enough. Or they use the same passwords for different services. Passwords like «123456» are still also wildly popular. It hardly comes as a surprise that passwords are the weak link and favored target for cybercriminals. Studies show stolen passwords play a role in over 80% of all digital security leaks.

Benefits of passwordless authentication

Passwordless authentication is not only faster, more practical, and more user-friendly, it is also significantly more secure. And that is something end-users and service providers stand to benefit from.

Passwordless authentication improves the customer experience and increases approval for mobile solutions. It boosts authentication security, reduces fraud by up to 99%, cuts costs thanks to a drop in support requests, and relieves password maintenance pressure on IT employees. The Nevis passwordless solution also dispenses with costly SMS transaction fees.

  • Faster, more practical, and more secure than a password
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Increased approval for mobile solutions 
  • Reduces fraud by up to 99%
  • Cost savings thanks to a drop in support requests
  • Relieves password maintenance pressures on IT employees
  • No SMS transaction fees


Reduce fraud by up to

Which verticals and industries benefit from passwordless authentication?

Companies and organizations across all industries that value data security as much as user-friendliness. Nevis’ passwordless authentication gives users the best possible security without compromising the customer experience.

Industry leaders who trust Nevis


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What customers say

What customers say

«By deploying the Adnovum solutions and the Nevis Suite, we’ve significantly increased the security of both log-in details and the data we transmit via our network.»
Cristiano Dias Software developer, MediData

How Nevis can help your business

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Nevis Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication facilitated by tools like Face ID or fingerprints increases security and user-friendliness.

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Nevis Fraud and Risk Management

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Nevis Self Service Password Management


Self-services offer users the option to manage their data and user account settings themselves.

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Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have transformed their organization by focusing on the customer. Nevis helps you deliver an exceptional cross-channel customer experience that is more human and efficient - from the first trusted, hyper-personalized experience to a happy customer and beyond.

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