Nevis Security Barometer 2021

Ransomware attacks and password leaks are no longer just permanent topics in the IT industry media but are also being discussed between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin at the highest level of government. The danger of cyberattacks is constantly increasing - but how do Internet users and IT decision-makers currently assess the situation? In their opinion, are security measures such as multi-factor authentication or identity management proving their reliability in everyday life? And how do they react to protect their login credentials and company data even better from unauthorized access? In a representative survey amongst consumers and IT managers, Nevis investigated these questions and has summarized the answers in the Nevis Security Barometer 2021.


Did you know that businesses without a modern fraud prevention program are 4.3x more likely to experience customer data security issues (81% vs. 19%)?

What you will know after reading the paper.

In the white paper "Nevis Security Barometer 2021", you will learn:

  • What Internet users and IT decision-makers are doing to protect their data and the data in their care
  • Where there is a need to catch up on the topics of IT security and secure login processes.
  • What measures companies can take to secure themselves better.