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Challenges for insurance providers

The competitive pressure is increasing. Insurance providers have to get new offers to market quickly or risk being at a serious disadvantage. Despite time constraints, sacrificing security is not an option. On top of that, the majority of insurance customers are operating online. This is increasing the demands on the customer journey for online business. Because customers now expect the same level of ease and convenience when managing their insurance as they get from their private communication channels.

How can insurance companies manage to use digitalization to their advantage? How can they reduce costs, increase revenue, and simultaneously strengthen customer retention?

The data breach bogeyman

The sensitive personal data processed by insurance providers is valuable. That makes insurance portals especially attractive for cybercriminals. And with inadequate protection, it also makes them an easy target. But a data breach could have catastrophic consequences: loss of trust, digital offers no longer used, a severely damaged reputation, heads will roll.

Technically demanding

Insurance portals are a challenge for developers: they have to accommodate the demands of various groups (private customers, business customers, brokers, insurance agents, internal employees, etc.) into one coherent security infrastructure. At the same time, insurance providers have very specific security demands. For example, on top of customer data, online price calculators also have to be protected against industry espionage.

What insurance customers expect

In today’s world, everything is possible with just one click. And around the clock. When managing their insurance, customers expect the same norms and standards as with their private communications. Collecting bonus points to lower premiums; submitting receipts via mobile devices; effective assistance in the case of damages. 

Customers expect adequate protection of their personal data. Furthermore, they place more importance than ever on the user experience. So, sacrificing user-friendliness for security, or vice-versa, is definitely not an option. Today, convenient access to digital services is mandatory, otherwise, customers will soon go elsewhere.

How Nevis helps the insurance industry

Better customer experience alongside increased security

With Nevis, insurance providers get an agile security infrastructure and are able to accelerate the expansion of their digital offers. For example, receipts can be easily and securely submitted via smartphone. Customers can collect bonus points for minimized risk behavior. These are examples of new opportunities that insurance providers can cleverly implement for increased customer retention and satisfaction.

Easy access to digital offers is granted: 

  • Secure login to the insurance portal within seconds
  • Simple and quick fingerprint or face ID access
  • Convenient login across desktop and mobile devices
  • Available anytime and anywhere 
  • Everything is accessible with just a few clicks

Use your online channel consistently

Nevis’ highly professional customer identity and access management makes the consistent use of your online channel possible. Insurance portals stand to benefit from diverse competitive advantages:

  • Online processing of standardized processes cuts costs (e.g., concluding insurance policies, reporting damages).
  • Customers have a better overview of their insurance portfolio leaving them more satisfied. 
  • It opens up an additional sales channel that is well-scaled and can be deployed flexibly.
  • Cooperation with sales partners like insurance brokers is more efficient.
  • Delegated administration for business customers increases customer loyalty and simplifies internal processes.

Insurance portal solution automation

At the technical level, Nevis makes it possible for insurance providers to quickly integrate new governance-compliant services, operate them effectively, and streamline processes.

The Nevis architecture offers solution building blocks for all aspects of any modern insurance portal:

  • Effective administration of customer accounts thanks to comprehensive self-service with optional social logins (Facebook, Google, etc.)
  • Supports various means of authentication and authentication strengths incl. passwordless authentication
  • Supports browser and app-based login processes 
  • Integration of insurance brokers using identity federation (e.g., IG B2B in Switzerland, EasyLogin in Germany)
  • Delegated identity administration for business customers
  • Adaptive protection mechanisms for applications and price calculators
Provide quick and automated availability of the best possible security infrastructure.
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Industry paper: Nevis for Insurances

How insurance companies manage to expand their digital offerings faster and delight their customers. Secure and without passwords thanks to CIAM by Nevis.

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What customers say about Nevis

What customers say about Nevis

«We’re able to react quickly to shifting customer needs.»
Harald Müller
Harald Müller Web Access Services, Helvetia

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Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have transformed their organization by focusing on the customer. Nevis helps you deliver an exceptional cross-channel customer experience that is more human and efficient - from the first trusted, hyper-personalized experience to a happy customer and beyond.

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