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Challenges for public authorities

Public authorities want their citizens to trust them. This can be accomplished by providing citizens with the same level of convenience at the administrative level as they enjoy in their professional and private online communications. Public authorities are expected to handle the data entrusted to them with the utmost care.

Public authorities at all levels have already digitized numerous processes, have had to comply with high security demands, and have relied on political and organizational frameworks to accomplish both. However, consistent digitalization and the resulting process optimization can only be achieved when communication with citizens also happens on digital channels.

Nowadays, public authorities strengthen their connection to citizens by providing convenient, secure, and round-the-clock access to their services. This helps them save time, costs, and effort. Both internally at the administrative level and also for their customers, the citizens.

The data breach bogeyman

The sensitive personal data processed by public authorities is valuable. That makes public authority portals especially attractive for cybercriminals. And with inadequate protection, it also makes them an easy target. But a data breach could have catastrophic consequences: loss of trust, complicated cooperation with other public authorities, digital offers no longer used, heads will roll.

E-government portals are demanding

The topic of identity and access management plays a key role when it comes to accessing highly secure data. For example, when dealing with tax information, access should only be granted with adequate and strongly secure authentication measures.

At the same time, self-services are paramount on public administration portals: users have to be able to resolve standard problems, like resetting their passwords on their own. This makes it possible to minimize the burden placed on help desks.

There are additional demands at the governmental level: the starkly diverging needs of different public authorities have to be mapped out into one uniform security infrastructure. Furthermore, security demands are incredibly high in areas like law enforcement. And meeting these demands requires a tried and tested security solution.

What public authority customers expect

Despite pressure to keep costs low, citizens expect good service

In today’s world, everything is possible with just one click – around the clock. When dealing with public authorities, citizens expect the same high standards as in their private lives. They want to get a new license plate, submit a tax declaration, and register their children for school in the blink of an eye. They expect adequate protection of their personal data. On top of that, they place more value than ever on user-friendliness. To sacrifice it for security, or vice-versa, is therefore not an option

How Nevis supports public authorities

Cut costs and increase security

Public authorities using NEVIS’ automated security infrastructure decrease the time required to introduce digital offers and foster a connection between citizens and public authorities.

  • Identity and access management solutions for e-government portals with diverse self-service processes 
  • Delegated identity administration for e-government services in a company environment
  • Multi-client-capable security platform for nationwide operations
  • Highly secure IAM solutions for operational areas with increased security demands (e.g., justice and law enforcement

Automate the public administration portal

The Nevis Suite is the core of a public administration portal’s security infrastructure. Nevis ensures that the login process, application access, and transactions can be precisely traced to a specific person. The broad spectrum of functions and Nevis’ scalability make it possible to implement the wide variety of demands in the realm of e-government:

  • Identity and access management solutions for e-government portals with diverse self-service processes 
  • Delegated identity administration for e-government services in a company environment
  • Multi-client-capable security platform for nationwide operations
  • Highly secure IAM solutions for operational areas with increased security demands (e.g., justice and law enforcement

Simplified digital access

Nevis supports both browser-based and app-based login processes. This includes a passwordless secure login procedure with a fingerprint and face ID. This makes it possible for administrators to offer citizens the same level of convenience and maximum security on all their end devices:

  • Passwordless access to all e-government services
  • Fosters a connection to citizens and is paperless
  • Encrypted and legally compliant transmission
  • Convenient: Can be used anytime and anywhere 
  • Quick: everything available with just a few clicks
  • Complete availability around the clock
Communicating with citizens via convenient and safe digital channels helps public authorities optimize their processes.
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Industry paper: Nevis for Government

How public authorities use convenient and secure online access to improve their services for citizens. Without passwords, yet secure, thanks to CIAM by Nevis.

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What customers say about Nevis

What customers say about Nevis

Compared to the competition’s offering, we were won over by this solution’s customisation options.
Rudolf Gisler
Rudolf Gisler IT-Security Officer, Kanton Zug

How Nevis can help your business

Nevis Access Management

Access Management

Access management in combination with identity management makes it possible to grant or revoke user access to digital data, services, and applications.

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Nevis Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity management matches user identities with their respective user rights and facilitates access to the approved resources.

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Nevis Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication facilitated by tools like Face ID or fingerprints increases security and user-friendliness.

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Nevis Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Authentication using a number of different methods increases security compared to systems with simpler password authentication.

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Nevis Consent and Privacy Management

Consent and Privacy Management

Optimal data protection and transparency for users thanks to simple consent/rejection of terms and conditions and automatic compliance with all guidelines.

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Nevis Transaction Confirmation

Transaction Confirmation

Transaction confirmation provides an additional level of security on top of authentication for things like online payments.

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Nevis User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics

Anomalies in user behavior can be detected with user behavior analytics to prevent and avert unauthorized data access.

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Nevis Fraud and Risk Management

Fraud and Risk Management

Integrated fraud detection monitors all user activities during a session and generates a risk assessment for fraud prevention.

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Nevis Self Service Password Management


Self-services offer users the option to manage their data and user account settings themselves.

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