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Challenges for online gambling providers

Regulation follows a boom

Virtual poker and slot games, online casinos, and sports betting are not only socially accepted these days, there’s even a growing demand for these games of chance.

In most countries, gambling is now subject to regulatory restrictions. The State Treaty on Games of Chance will enter into force in Germany in mid-2021 and will set new regulations for games of chance. Similar regulations have been in place in Switzerland since July 2019. In Germany, online casinos will also be legalized under strict conditions. The reason for the new regulation is the boom in online unregulated games of chance that occurred over the past few years.

One account per gambler, just like a bank

Online casinos and sports betting providers have to set up a single user account for each player in order to be legalized. Since the flow of money for games of chance is similar to that of a bank account, it should be secured accordingly. The player’s data will also be monitored by state regulatory authorities – not least of all to prevent minors from accessing the games.

Nevertheless, access has to be easy for players, otherwise, they will switch to a different provider. With the right combination of security and user-friendliness, the legally mandated dedicated player account can be converted into a unique selling point. One with enormous potential for success. The magic phrase here is – know your customer. This will make it possible to develop offers, which cater specifically to the player’s desires and generate more revenue as a result.

Protection against illegal providers

The online gambling market is attractive. Turnover has been on the rise from year to year and profit is substantial. The industry generates around 40 billion dollars a year worldwide. And in Germany alone, the market had a volume of 9.3 billion euros in 2019. This kind of environment is also appealing to illegal providers.

The introduction of new regulations for the online sector is meant to drive them back. Legal providers, who pay taxes in Germany, can then participate in a growing market, further develop their products offered, and realize innovative ideas.

What online gamblers expect

Fun and games without the hassle

Most game-of-chance providers set up accounts for their customers, which are similar to bank accounts. On the one hand, players expect simple and easy access and control of their accounts. On the other hand, they also expect the protection of their assets and against access by unauthorized parties.

Players want to be sure that they are the only ones who can play using the online account in question. But what happens if, for example, the player’s children know the access data? In this case, it’s helpful to verify the player’s identity using biometric factors like Face ID and fingerprints before each game. This solution reconciles optimal usability with maximum security. If this convenience is missing, customers will soon go elsewhere.

How Nevis helps the gambling industry

Simplified digital access

Customers get passwordless and secure access to their player account and increasingly use these offered services:

  • Log on to the portal within seconds.
  • Comfortable, cross-platform access to the player account.
  • Sensitive transactions like money transfers can be further secured with a separate confirmation.

Efficiency with online portal

Both browser-based and app-based login processes are supported. This gives customers the same level of comfort with maximum security on every type of end device.

  • Support of various authentication methods and levels
  • Secure user authentication thanks to a combination of biometric identification and stronger cryptography based on FIDO standards
  • The best-possible security infrastructure is automated and quickly available

Take off with digital security

Both browser-based and app-based login processes are supported. This gives customers the same level of comfort with maximum security on every type of end device.

  • Following a successful registration, the touch of a fingerprint is all a player needs for a secure login
  • Passwordless and secure access to accounts is available all day and from everywhere
  • No running SMS transaction fees
Offer players fun and games without the hassle but full control of their account.

Industry Paper: Nevis for Gambling and Online Betting

How gambling operators create a great user experience with ID verification, passwordless 2FA and transactions despite strict regulatory requirements.

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How Nevis can help your business

Nevis Access Management

Access Management

Access management in combination with identity management makes it possible to grant or revoke user access to digital data, services, and applications.

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Nevis Identity Management

Identity Management

Identity management matches user identities with their respective user rights and facilitates access to the approved resources.

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Nevis Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication facilitated by tools like Face ID or fingerprints increases security and user-friendliness.

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Nevis Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

Authentication using a number of different methods increases security compared to systems with simpler password authentication.

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Nevis Consent and Privacy Management

Consent and Privacy Management

Optimal data protection and transparency for users thanks to simple consent/rejection of terms and conditions and automatic compliance with all guidelines.

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Nevis Transaction Confirmation

Transaction Confirmation

Transaction confirmation provides an additional level of security on top of authentication for things like online payments.

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Nevis User Behavior Analytics

User Behavior Analytics

Anomalies in user behavior can be detected with user behavior analytics to prevent and avert unauthorized data access.

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Nevis Fraud and Risk Management

Fraud and Risk Management

Integrated fraud detection monitors all user activities during a session and generates a risk assessment for fraud prevention.

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Nevis Self Service Password Management


Self-services offer users the option to manage their data and user account settings themselves.

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