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Identity Verification

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How does identity verification work?

Secure verification of users within seconds

ID Verification is a digital, non-bureaucratic, frictionless and user-friendly onboarding process in 3 simple steps:

1. Scan ID card

The front and back of the ID card are scanned by the camera and checked for authenticity based on the specific security features. In the process, the system reads biometric data from the photo.

2. Face scan

When a quick selfie is taken, the biometric data of the face is extracted and used for the identity check using artificial intelligence. The system analyses the person for liveness (Biometric Liveness Detection) and authenticity.

3. AI verification

The fully automated, intelligent matching process confirms the user's identity (or not) and thus guarantees data consistency. Extracted data, such as age, can be used for other purposes, such as age verification.

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Benefits of digital identity verification

Increase security by verifying the identity document

  • Digital identity verification provides additional protection against fraud and cyberattacks caused by bots or ransomware. By checking the document, creating an authenticity score and biometric face matching, the chances of fraud can be minimised. 
  • Proof of identity ensures companies that the person in question is actually who they say they are. This is an effective tool in combating application fraud. It also ensures that the authorised person is truly present during the application and onboarding process.
  • In a word, identity verification effectively prevents identity theft by checking authenticity during onboarding.

Reduce onboarding costs by 90%

  • Face-to-face appointments can be handled online.
  • Outsourcing costs for video identification procedures are eliminated.
  • The fully automated remote application and onboarding process requires no staff costs.

Create a unique customer experience through biometric verification

  • Customers expect ease of use and security. The login process must be fast, convenient and intuitive.
  • Identity verification can be performed at any time (24/7) and location. 
  • Name, address and personal data are recorded electronically, and manual errors are prevented.
  • The abandonment rate in the onboarding process remains very low, thanks to the smooth customer experience.

Areas of application

  • Financial service providers and insurance companies: Open accounts and complete insurance applications online from the comfort of your own home.
  • Online casinos and betting: Secure access for age-restricted content and compliant handling of voluntary blocklists
  • Educational institutions: Digital verification when taking online exams
  • Hotel industry: Convenient online pre-check-in

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How Nevis can help your business

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Making security an experience

Best-in-class companies have transformed their organization by focusing on the customer. Nevis helps you deliver an exceptional cross-channel customer experience that is more human and efficient - from the first trusted, hyper-personalized experience to a happy customer and beyond.

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