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The Nevis Experience
for the Canton of Zug

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Initial Situation

The development of the canton’s ZUGLOGIN system was first conceived by the cantonal authorities in 2013. Their aim was to digitise provision of public services and make these available online for both citizens and companies. In this way, the need to visit the department concerned in person would be reduced to a minimum. Particular attention was paid to electronic signatures, which allow official business to be carried out in a paperless way. Thus, instead of printing off forms and sending them in by post, users would be able to complete and sign them totally online.

From a technical point of view, ZUGLOGIN is based on the Nevis Security Suite, which was originally devised by AdNovum and has been further developed by Nevis Security AG since the company was set up in 2020. The project was implemented by AdNovum with the aid of a multi-skilled team of Switzerland-based software developers and IAM engineers. Alongside Project Manager Rudolf Gisler, an application manager was entrusted with the task of rolling out and testing the solution within the Canton of Zug.

Rudolf Gisler

«Compared to the competition’s offering, we were won over by this solution’s customisation options.»
Rudolf Gisler, IT-Security Officer, Kanton Zug


Following the implementation and an intensive testing phase, ZUGLOGIN went live in January 2016. System roll-out achieved all of the specified aims. The identity management solution thereby provides secure, centralised access to the e-government services offered by the cantonal administration, local municipalities and administrative court. All natural or legal persons liable for tax and registered in the system, as well as those who have registered for the service by visiting one of the offices concerned, now have access to their data and case files. This enables citizens and businesses to use and send their electronic signature (digital declaration of intent). Public authorities can also issue their decisions and rulings to the recipients concerned in a paperless, secure, legally valid way.

In view of the increasing importance of mobile devices, the City of Zug decided to offer the “eZug” app – a new mobile e-government solution – as a supplementary online service for all residents from January 2021. The eZug app expands the services offered by ZUGLOGIN by means of a passwordless log-in facility. The mobile features of the eZug app enable users to securely execute, receive, send, store and forward correspondence related to public services directly from their smartphones. The services offered are also being continuously expanded.

About the Canton of Zug

The Canton and City of Zug in Switzerland operate a particularly modern administrative system that consistently makes use of the opportunities offered by digitisation. With the development of ZUGLOGIN, an electronic ID service specifically for the Canton of Zug, a hub was created providing both citizens and businesses with access to the online services offered by the local authority.

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