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The Nevis Experience
for the Canton of Zug

ZUGLOGIN is the new secure access to the online offerings of the administration of Zug. Thanks to ZUGLOGIN, private individuals and companies can conduct their administrative business efficiently, securely and paperless with their electronic signature at any time and from anywhere.

The Nevis Security Suite is the core of the solution. It provides secure and convenient access for both users and administration, while easily keeping up with growing demands and user numbers.

Rudolf Gisler

«Our customers appreciate the simple and secure, round-the-clock access via ZUGLOGIN.»
Rudolf Gisler, IT-Security Officer, Kanton Zug

Customers of the administration of Zug move one step closer to a paperless office

In the canton of Zug, most administrative affairs were paper-based until 2017. This was reliable, but cost both administration and customers time, paper and postage. The administration of Zug now capitalizes on the possibilities of digitization.

  • The goal: The administration of Zug provides its customers with secure access to its online offerings, thereby enhancing public service and the interface to its customers (no more time-consuming visits to offices).
  • The approach: The canton of Zug commissioned AdNovum with consulting, concept and design for the development of a user account web application. In addition, the canton of Zug chose to use the NEVIS Security Suite, because it ensures a safe and reliable solution in the future as well.
  • The result: Everyone saves time and money. As the inputs are validated, errors are reduced and procedures run more efficiently. Customers and administration no longer print out online forms, sign them and send them by post. Today, they conveniently use digital channels – anytime, anywhere.

Nevis as core

Nevis is the core of ZUGLOGIN. Nevis makes sure that a login process – i.e. access to a business application or process – can be assigned to a specific person. In regards to taxes, for example, customers check their account statements, enter installment payments, manage their payment account or complete their tax return, sign and submit it electronically.

Access for everyone

In the canton of Zug, any taxable person or company can apply for a user account. SuisseID users or persons outside the canton may register via their SuisseID and use limited online services provided by the administration of Zug. Currently, more than 10’000 persons use online services. In the next few years, the system shall be expanded to up to 90’000 users.

Practical, secure and expandable

The large-scale digitization of services significantly reduces the processing time of administrative affairs. For companies, ZUGLOGIN even provides built-in user management. Further online offerings and functionality, e.g. login by means of SuisseID, are provided on a continuous basis.

Benefits of ZUGLOGIN

  • One password for all online services
  • Paperless, with electronic signature
  • Encrypted and legally valid transmission
  • Convenient: from anywhere at anytime
  • Fast: only a few clicks required
  • Secure login, as of 2019 also via SwissID

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