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Nevis has developed a security portal that offers Helvetia’s customers, partners and employees single sign-on (SSO) access to online services. At the same time, the portal effectively protects such services against attacks.

Deployed as an entry gateway and web application firewall (WAF), the nevisProxy product from Nevis’ security suite Nevis interacts with nevisAuth to perform authentication, providing a solid base for the portal’s access management infrastructure. The security portal integrates web applications implemented in Java- or Microsoft-based technologies and running on several platforms into one strong security infrastructure that enables rapid SSO integration for additional partner access.



  • Protects all web applications accessible from outside the company network
  • Integrates several platforms and technologies
  • Implements web SSO for customers, partners and internal users
  • Dynamically supplies user data to applications as needed
  • Increases the security of Helvetia’s website
  • Consolidates the security infrastructure (authentication and WAF)
  • Integrates Helvetia with IG-B2B (portal of Swiss insurance brokers)
  • Enables flexible integration of additional external partner companies via identity federation

«We’re able to react quickly to shifting customer needs.»
Harald Müller
Harald Müller Web Access Services, Helvetia

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Viessmann turns to Nevis’ secure login
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Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. Relies on Secure Authentication From Nevis
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