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Agate is the official portal of the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG), which offers farmers, government agencies and other users secure single sign-on access to various agriculture and veterinary IT systems in Switzerland.

Single-Sign-On Agate

Thanks to Agate, users can comply with their legal obligation of documentation, calculate direct payments, perform coordinated controls and make evaluations in a secure and easy way. Agate allows them to profit from information and data about the primary sector and to get access to national IT systems and the cantonal networks in the areas of agriculture and veterinary services.

Centralized Identity- and Access-Management

In the context of project ASA 2011 (administration of agricultural sector; setup of a national agricultural information system), NEVIS provided the central identity and access management based on the Nevis Security Suite for Agate.

Thus, a base infrastructure for the integration of both existing and future applications into the portal was created, making the portal a central and secure hub for e-government functionality in agriculture.



  • Consistent security infrastructure
  • Central administration of identities, credentials and permissions
  • Single sign-on with SuisseID
  • Role-based access to functionalities and data
  • Targeted information with news and professional articles
  • Triggering transactions in specialized applications
  • Transfer of information to other user groups (e.g., to label and control organizations)

More Customer Stories

Viessmann turns to Nevis’ secure login
Viessmann turns to Nevis’ secure login
User management at Viessmann was simplified considerably, which enhanced convenience and the security of all users.
Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. Relies on Secure Authentication From Nevis
Quilvest (Switzerland) Ltd. Relies on Secure Authentication From Nevis
Quilvest (Switzerland) offers customers easier handling by using mobile and e-banking in a single app.
Healthcare and Life Sciences
MediData – Protected Health Data
MediData – Protected Health Data
The Nevis Identity Suite protects MediData's network. Users are given secure and password-free access to their web applications.
Canton of Zug – ZUGLOGIN and the eZug App
Canton of Zug – ZUGLOGIN and the eZug App
The canton of Zug expands online access and saves time and costs on the administrative and customer side with user accounts protected by Nevis.