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Clinerion secures patient recruiting for clinical studies with Nevis

Initial Situation

Two-factor authentication is gaining more and more traction across the globe, especially due to the continuously high rate of cyberattacks. It is already integrated into many IT solutions in the healthcare sector and more companies are following this trend. Clinerion is even one step further. The company relies on a particularly advanced form of authentication. The company was recently looking for a suitable provider to secure its Patient Network Explorer applications using two-factor authentication in accordance with the FIDO standard (Fast Identity Online), which facilitates passwordless login.

It should not be possible for external parties to gain unauthorized access to the Patient Network Explorer. Researchers can use the cloud application to display search results for suitable patient groups for clinical trials of new pharmaceutical products, for example. It simultaneously serves as the basis for requests to hospitals in the network. Clinics have on-premises servers for patient data, which has been de-identified in accordance with GDPR and needs to be reconciled. Patient data can not be found in the cloud itself. That means these systems exchange information when requests are received.


Two-factor authentication in accordance with the FIDO standard is now a new method for registration in the cloud. It can be performed both on Android as well as in iOS using a mobile app from Nevis that is branded with the Clinerion corporate identity. The Nevis Authentication Cloud facilitates passwordless login, which simplifies users’ daily work routine. Around fifty users currently use the mobile app.

The actual API integration of the solution in the backend went off without a hitch and onlytook a few days. On the other hand, it took more time and some corrections to adapt thesoftware, especially for Android. The presence of biometric sensors, which are only installedin newer devices, is also mandatory. Alternatively, authentication can be performed per emailor SMS. The situation is different for iOS devices. It proved advantageous that Apple also provides an updated version 14 of its operating system for older models.

The mobile app was put to the test by the developers themselves. Since the project was relatively, there was no need to outsource inspections or carry out extensive testing with user participants.

Was Kunden über Nevis sagen

Was Kunden über Nevis sagen

Nevis support was exceptional at all times. And that also makes Nevis an ideal service provider for implementing SSO solutions in hospitals.
Dr. Andreas Walter
Dr. Andreas Walter Chief Technical Officer, Clinerion

About Clinerion

Clinerion is a global leader in medical data informatics. With its Patient Network Explorer, the company provides a tool that optimizes patient recruiting for clinical studies by making the search and identification of potential candidates more effective. This in turn comes with additional positive benefits: clinical studies are more effective, pharmaceutical development is quicker, and patients receive certain medications sooner. Clinerion’s clients include companies from the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, which conduct clinical studies or want to participate in them.

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