The Top Three Reasons for the Authentication Cloud

Read more about the top 3 reasons why the Nevis Authentication Cloud provides greater security and maximum ease of use when logging in.

Sep 13, 2021 - 2 min.
Picture of: Stephan Schweizer
Stephan Schweizer

Worries about data security are significant, as the Nevis Security Barometer study found: around 95 per cent of the Internet users surveyed are concerned about the security of their private data. Over 31 per cent of respondents said that a major reason for their concern was the frequent use of mobile devices. This is no great surprise, as the smartphone has already become an everyday companion for many of us. Online shopping, online banking or checking your social media – all these activities are child’s play with a mobile device. In order to relieve Internet users’ concerns about the security of their data, companies are well-advised to protect and improve their login processes for online services from cyberattacks; after all, outdated password procedures encourage misuse by data thieves. Passwordless authentication maximises both usability and security. Learn more about the top reasons to choose the Nevis Authentication Cloud below:

1. Passwordless, secure login in seconds

The Authentication Cloud offers users a seamless login process with no need for a password. With the help of multi-factor authentication, access authorisation to the desired account is verified by several independent factors. They include biometric methods such as fingerprint or facial recognition as well as context-based recognition via device ID or geolocation. Another method that is now well established is behaviour-based recognition, which analyses aspects such as user-specific typing behaviour or gestures on mobile devices. The procedure works as follows: The customer enters their user name on the registration page and receives a push notification via smartphone a short time later by clicking on the registration button. Now the user can authenticate himself with the biometric method he has chosen. The Nevis Access App confirms the identity and the user is automatically logged in. 

An additional security measure is transaction confirmation, which is required for certain financial transactions or information updates. In a similar process to the one outlined above, the user also receives a push notification about the upcoming transaction. This notification contains details of the transaction that can be verified by the user. It can then be confirmed or rejected by scanning the fingerprint or face or by entering a PIN.

2. Increased customer loyalty thanks to maximum user-friendliness 

In addition to passwordless authentication, the Authentication Cloud offers other aspects that enhance user-friendliness and customer loyalty. Because security is not the only reason for providing users with a secure and fast login; it also supports their unrestricted mobility. The Authentication Cloud provides secure access from anywhere, at any time. In addition, authentication using biometric features saves users time and aggravation – because the frustration of forgotten passwords does not arise in the first place.

Besides the technical aspects, brand perception also influences customer loyalty. A brand is usually built up over years and aims to generate positive emotions in customers in order to achieve customer loyalty on the one hand and differentiation from the competition on the other. That’s why the Authentication Cloud Access App can be adapted to match the company’s visual language in terms of colour, font, formatting, background image, icon and logo. A consistent presence inspires confidence and gives users the reassurance they need that their data and account are in safe hands.  

3. Increased operational efficiency despite lower costs 

By integrating the Authentication Cloud, it is not only the users who are protected against cyberattacks but also the company itself. So the availability of important systems and processes can be constantly maintained with no disruptions. Increased operational efficiency also reduces the likelihood of employees being forced to stop their main tasks.

Investing in anti-fraud technologies such as the Nevis Authentication Cloud customer and identity access management system can immediately reduce the number of illegitimate transactions and minimise the number of false alarms that can block or delay financial transactions. This saves time, costs and hassle both on the customer side and on the company side. In addition, the use of the Authentication Cloud eliminates costly transaction fees such as mTAN charges. 

For more information on passwordless authentication using the Nevis Authentication Cloud, see our solution paper.